My Love affair continues ðŸ’–

It has been 4 months now that I have been at home and my love affair with the sky continues 💖💕😍

I love the sky and the ever changing cloud formations. They tell so many stories. The way they play hide and seek with sun and moon is so endearing. I can sit and watch them for hours 😍😍

Sky is exceptionally beautiful during monsoon 💖💖

In a way every day is new and every cloud formation is new. And yet there is nothing new.

I have been watching the dance and play of swifts in the mornings. And same crows and pigeons – at times observing social distancing completely and at times throwing all caution to the winds😂💖

They are my new found friends. In fact my only outside physical contact with the world just now. I wonder what they talk about? Do they discuss the peaceful new environment? Are they scared of going back to the restless and noisy world of yesterday?

Oh how I love the mornings:




And the whole of nature performing for me; its only audience….Alone yet not lonely…

Sky, Birds, Me and my thoughts…..and the love affair continues 💕💕

Social distancing

Lovey dovey 🥰

All pics with my iPhone

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  1. Wow these pics are amazing!! I’m so same as to when it comes to the sky and clouds

  2. I love the sky too because it is constant and you can always count on it to be there if you just look up. Well written ☺️

  3. Thank you so much Ranjini. I am a little tied up just now and may take a while to respond
    Congratulations 🥳

  4. The sky is one of those things thats full of wander and beauty constantly changing in its look yet always the same. It’s remarkable how magnificent you still find the sky to be. I too feel the same. Beautiful photos!

  5. So true Richard and I know you are Big Sky 🌌 😊
    So wise to move out only for essentials. For me children do that too 🙏

  6. Ashok, for many of us, our love affair with God’s creation helps us to endure these darkest times. He reminds us of His love with everything we see in nature. I am staying at home as well except for essential trips.

  7. Ohhh love this friend! Love the sky too!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  8. वृक्षवल्ली आम्हा सोयरी वनचरे |

    पक्षीही सुस्वरे आळवीती ||

    येणे सुखे रुचे एकांताचा वास |

    नाही गुणदोष अंगा येत ||

    आकाश मंडप पृथिवी आसन |

    रमे तेथे मन क्रीडा करी ||

    तुका म्हणे होय मनाशी संवाद |

    आपुलाचि वाद आपणासी ||

    —- Sant Tukaram


    All photos are beautiful , but my special attention goes to photo of custard apple(सीताफळ) & bird sitting on roof.

    Only mother nature will bring happiness to us.

  9. Nature, sky, clouds, rain, birds, animals are such wonderful creation of God which very less of us cherished….reading the full blog was so beautiful Uncle….thanks for writing it….photos are just amazing….taking out Positive from any tough situation is something we learn from you Uncle…..just be home and take care of your health….watching nature around makes oneself so happy…..great blog uncle

  10. Beautifully captured pictures of a lovely sky, Ashok and yes the birds chirping and singing such lovely songs which of course we as humans fail to understand. Take care and stay safe dear friend.

  11. It is so serene! The line about cloud formation is just love❤❤ simple yet impactful

  12. So true Nanette. I too keep looking at the clouds and imagining their stories 💕
    Thank you so much 👏

  13. The sky, day or night holds much fascination for me it is like God is sending signs, symbolism and art. I see the clouds full of people standing in groups. The Birds Social Distancing as they proudly stand at their watching post. Thank you for sharing such wonderful photos.

  14. So good to know you Farshana. I love books and rain too.
    When I was young it was books, movies and sports.
    Now I meditate more and read less and love life more 😊
    All the very best to you. Have a joyous and fulfilling life 🌹
    Thank you so much

  15. Yes Sujata. There are so many beautiful chants of Guruji on sky. You know I used to go for walks at Juhu beach about 2 decades back (very early morning- when it was still dark) and used to sing aloud – I am the bubble make me the sea 🌊
    Thank you so much 😊

  16. Not surprised with your fascination for the sky, clouds, birds, nature!!! A child does inherit many qualities of The Father. Master’s chants…I am the sky Mother, Oh my cloud coloured Christ…His poem ‘Your vastness I glimpsed in the skies of quietness and His appreciation of Mother Nature in His writings. Well i see
    His influence reflecting in you, as in so many other devotees whom I have had the good fortune to meet 🙏🏽

  17. Dear Ashokji,
    May God bless you with much more love with His creation and Mother Nature. The pictures are so beautiful. They look like a painter’s dream.

    Surjit Banga


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