Curious and the Enlightened🤩

Thank you so much my dear friends for sharing your thoughts on the pic of the kitten and the puppy. So varied and so beautiful 😍

A few of them were:

Joana, Laxmi, Kamal, Nilesh : Friends and friendship🤗

Lauren and Barbara: Cuddles🤗

Natalie and a few others : only love💖

Radhika: Living in Harmony💕

Saba: Care and Compassion💖💕🤗

Ragashree: He is cute; why is camera pointing at me😹💖

Alisha: hey humans don’t get confused…. subtle art of not giving a F…😹

Atul: leave animosity and live in peace💕

Girlwithatroubledmind: love! Shall keep troubling you even when sleeping😹💕

Patricia: Just keep it between us! I am the king of my castle😎

Liz: We are happy the way we are 😊🤗

Perth Girl: different yet get along😇

Lookoon: Confidence and vigilance

Ashwani: It gives inspiration to co excist with different views & even your enemies

Armaity: Trust. Friendship. Peace and naughtiness too. 😍😍

Omatra: Looking simply … is adorable 🥰❤️ how sweet is that!

Looking deeper… no matter how different we are – we CAN come together, appreciate and love with what the other has to offer. Find comfort and kindness

Ruelha: Comfort and familiarity 🎀

Heather: Cat’s rule 💖😹

Mia Winhert: “Finding comfort in the unlikeliest of places!”🤗

Ankush: Fearless and alert attitude …

I P Singh: I will take care of my loved ones💕


For me the cute kitty represents Curiosity. Curiosity of a child or a seeker. And the sweet puppy has found his peace. He is Enlightened.

One sweet pic and most of us see it differently. Isn’t it unrealistic to expect a common and agreed view of our complex lives 😇

Life has NO MEANING. It takes on any meaning we give it. Life doesn’t judge. Life simply IS.

Stay happy. Stay safe. Stay strong. Keep loving


PS: would love to know — What do you think is the meaning/purpose of life?

60 thoughts on “Curious and the Enlightened🤩

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  1. Such an adorable pic 🥰

    The purpose of life – an opportunity to draw closer to our source 🙏

  2. That picture is adorable. As for the purpose in life …. it is what the individual makes of life itself that brings purpose with it, a direct confirmation what that individual’s heart directs. Loved the varied answers, Ashok. Thank you! xo

  3. Oh I’m from Philippines, it was around 11pm when I commented that 😅

    I don’t take life seriously and I think that’s my problem right now 😂 I’m living life with full sarcasm.

  4. Life is Beautiful. Life is at its best. Life is a Joke. If not understood, Life can be a Pest. Let us all go on this Journey together with Love and Kindness as God is Love and Love must Love. Ashok you rightly said from this picture each and everyone made their own assumptions but deep down everyone had something beautiful and nice to say about the picture. Loved your post. Thanks.

  5. Sleep tome🤔 where do you live?
    You just need to figure out what you are good at and do it well to serve others. Deeper happiness comes only by making others happy 😊
    Don’t think too much. Take one day and one step at a time.
    Whatever you do or don’t do – don’t take life seriously 😹
    I shall pray for you. I have direct connection with Him 😊🙏

  6. I don’t why I laugh at that statement about being happy with myself 😂 cause I’m not 🤣 (Kidding). I guess my purpose is finding purpose, and making something out of myself. Does that make sense? 😅

    Anyways, I basically don’t know what I am saying now. I need to sleep lol 😂

  7. True Barbara- we all want to be happy or as you say enjoy ourselves. But what gives us happiness is the big question.
    You stay happy and charged with 5G ALTAIR 😊🤗

  8. If you are happy with yourself Joana it is perfectly fine not to know the purpose of your life 😹
    There IS no purpose. Life simply IS 😇

    Thank you so much for reading and commenting. Love and blessings

  9. “What is the purpose of life?” is the kind of question that may deteriorate my mental health 😅, but I actually don’t know. I mean how do you know if what you’re doing right now is your life’s purpose? I’m still on that journey of finding it.

  10. my pleasure, dear sir.
    indeed, there is nothing more satisfying than loving and glorifying the Creator Almighty.

  11. Thank you so much Atul.
    Holy Geeta says the same and so does my guru, Paramahansa Yogananda – Loving God is the only purpose of life.
    Stay happy

  12. Subhanallah.
    Allah Almighty has been so merciful on all of us by showing us a straight way and by clearing our confusions through his beloved Prophets from time to time. (peace be upon them all)

  13. What else could be the purpose of life except acknowledging the beautiful creation of our CREATOR, bowing down before HIM, and our tongues keep on praising HIS deity.
    In a hadith Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) tells us that, “Allah says, ‘Son of Adam, fill your time with my worship and I will fill your heart with richness, and end your poverty.  But if you do not, I will make your hands busy (in dunya affairs) and I would not end your poverty.’
    Let’s immerse in HIS love, the only purpose of this life 💕

  14. It reminded me of some verses of the Quran in this regard, i.e. on the purpose of life and the aspect of commonality.

    “I created the jinn and humankind only that they might worship Me.” – Quran 51:56

    “Say: “O People of the Book! come to common terms as between us and you. That we worship no one except God, nor consider anything equal to Him, nor regard any of us as our lord besides God. However, if they turn away from the truth, tell them, “Bear witness that we have submitted ourselves to the will of God.” – Quran 3:64

    best wishes.

  15. Thank you so much Radhika.
    Oh yes they keep telling us their concepts but we need to live with ourselves.
    You are welcome to bounce off your ideas with me anytime. Would love it
    Stay happy and safe 😊

  16. Loved your interpretation of the picture Ashokji. The question you have asked is what keeps coming to my mind too. Books, the learned, elders have their own interpretation. I am yet to find an answer to it myself. The quest is on….

  17. Diversity is a richness. I would be curious about the answers given by a series of computers powered by artificial intelligence, they would probably tend towards the most rational and conventional same answer.

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