Fearlessness doesn’t mean Recklessness

Some months back, in the beginning of lockdown, I wrote two posts: Fear to Faith I- what the stars tell and Fear to Faith II – What to do!

Chapter XVI of Holy Geeta, describes 26 Qualities of the Soul. And the very first is: Fearlessness: The foundation of spiritual life: having faith in God’s protection, justice, wisdom, mercy, love and omnipresence.

Bible – Job 3:25For the thing that I fear comes upon me, and what I dread, befalls me (English Standard Version)

Covid -19 is still active and many countries in Europe are reporting surge in numbers, and have announced further periods of lockdown. We do need to move from fear to faith, but unfortunately many confuse Fearlessness with Recklessness 😛

Pic is a forward.

I keep witnessing or hearing about two kinds of extremes: First kind have thrown all caution to the wind and have become reckless. Second kind refuses to leave even their rooms!

Middle path is always the best way. That is the Buddha way.

Let us move from fear to faith but still use God given common sense, and keep taking common sense measures.

Let us be Cautiously Courageous. Let us be Fearless without being Reckless. Not only during this time, but always!!

Stay safe. Stay courageous. Stay joyous 😊💖🌹

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108 thoughts on “Fearlessness doesn’t mean Recklessness

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  1. Ashok, I find strength in the phrase, “Cautiously Courageous.” As I told my son-in-law awhile back, I don’t fear the virus, but I do respect it.

  2. If things seem fine, we may get the urge to be reckless. However, until the pandemic is completely eradicated, it is safe to choose the middle path. A very relevant post!

  3. What a wonderful post! People really such reminders from time to time.
    Very well said that we should be cautiously courageous and fearless without being reckless.

    Can you believe it there still are such people who can deny the existence of Corona on the other hand there are other who are cautious to the extent that they dont even want to step out of the house even once. Two extremes, too extreme.
    For the people who recklessly roam around and bend and break all the rules my husband says they are the ones who are desperately trying to spread the disease.
    Being reckless is not the right attitude. Middle path is the best

  4. Thank you for re-sharing the post, Sir 🙂 I read this post today.
    It was much needed for us!
    Buddha always right in his way of living. He is very well known for peace and life-balance 🙂 Need to adapt to it. I will opt for the middle path.

  5. I see a lot of people growing tired of COVID and are getting back to normal ways which are not right because we are living in a different world. These people haven’t seen what complications COVID can bring especially to the senior people back home. It is important to stay positive and sane. This time too shall pass if we act sensibly. Stay safe!

  6. To be part of this whole pandemic has been very interesting. I was very much part of the AIDS pandemic of the 1980s and 1990; front and center in witness of every aspect of that. Most people were not but were aware of AIDS’ world wide effect.

    As for COVID 19…I’m not feeling’ it. That is to say, it does not feel the same to me. Let me explain:

    Back in The 80s, if you got infected with HIV, you went home, wrote out your will and then it was fairly assured your died a very unpleasant death. With Covid 19, there is a 98-99% chance of recovery with some degree of (at least) short term immunity. It’s fairly conditional (need some prerequisites to be at risk: older with heart disease, diabetes, lung disease and general poor health).

    What is common sense here? Common sense to me is the wisdom learned through a commonly shared//collective experience, and that wisdom is understood by all and is agreed to be wisdom by all.

    As the AIDS pandemic evolved into and through the 1990, people still died from illnesses related to HIV infection, but then added to this was compounded contribution of AIDS “treatments:” Terribly toxic drugs that indiscriminately killed the kidney and liver, deformed the body.. Did those infected with HIV then still Die of AIDS?

    Or did they die for willingness to live and do what ever it took to live?

    Where is the common sense?

    What was courage?

    What was foolish?

    Humans are a force of nature…like lions, the wind…earth quakes…streams meandering through a forest. What is common between any of these? Humans are an elemental power. We are an element (in nature), and we have power.

    All are forces of nature.

    What is God?

    (Shaking head). I dare not say.

    I’m just a human. What do I know?

    For that matter, What is my normal? What is common (sense) to I (AM)). What of me and my common sense? Who do I share that with? God?

    Yeah…Mostly with God. Regarding Every one else I can not account for what was and then became common for them.

    God is with them, too though.

    God Bless you, Every One. I have faith in you. By this, I totally have faith i God.

    Thank you Ashok for such a thought provoking article.

  7. This is very wise advice. There’s no use in letting the virus make you scared of everything but it does still exist so we should still be cautious. Also, I loved that picture! It was very powerful.

  8. You are always welcome Ashok. Yes and came across a nice book by Jay Shetty, Think Like a Monk. Reading another book The Wise Heart. Feels so good to be reading at this time. Keeps the faith going. Take care and stay safe.

  9. You have summed it up very correctly Ashokji. The sensible path is much missing amongst most, the situation is fragile and can go tipsy any moment again. And the reckless ones are not fearless, they have just forgotten fear for the moment.

  10. As always, v nicely put a topic which needs lot of attention! It’s not only recklessness but sometimes, it’s also arrogance which makes them behave recklessly

  11. Middle path is peace❤
    Taylor swift said Being fearless doesn’t mean you have no fears. It means you’re strong enough to safe them.✨
    Stay safe, stay happy and spread love❤❤

  12. As always, Ashok, beautiful words of wisdom. Staying calm and avoiding extreme solutions is indeed the best advice.
    Loved the drawings!
    Thank you.


  13. This is such a good post, Ashok. The drawings are great. 🙂 Many people do confuse fearlessness with recklessness and sometimes there are difficult lessons to be learned as a result. As Buddha says, middle path is the right path. 🙂

  14. You have described the picture in its perfect sense to use our common sense and be wise not fools to fool around or be fearless not reckless to mess around. 😀😊 As I told you earlier, this picture gave me a chuckle as we humans, when exposed or be under a continuous circumstance for a long time, we come out fearless and as you say reckless keeping all our senses at bay. 😀
    May God make us realize our common sense and keep us all safe and healthy. 💖😊

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