Sometimes I don’t want the night to end…

I want to keep roaming in the starry night on the wings of the wind, astride grey and dark clouds!

Sometimes I want to step into the ocean and sink deep into its peace!

Sometimes I want Time to halt just awhile to let me catch up!!

Sometimes I want Time to pause and

Sometimes I want it to go back 4 decades and more!!

Sometimes I don’t want my dreams to end and

Sometimes I don’t want to come out of the stillness of my mind!!

Sometimes I wonder who is the one who is thinking, who am I!!

Sometimes I wonder whether I am living in acceptance and surrender or in denial?

Sometimes I wonder: if I myself am so lost how can I preach and how can I teach?

Sometimes I cry at the pain and the suffering all around, brought by the greed of a few powerful and the rich!!

Sometimes I want to walk away into the deep, dark night; away from all this……

And the day breaks

And I smile

And I think

God knows what He is doing!!

Surrender or denial

Does it really matter….

Copyright © 2020

All pics on my iPhone

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  1. Ugh! WP really needs to fix that mess! I’m so sorry. I’ve had a few other bloggers tell me the same and I’ve contacted the help team about it. So far, nothing. Again, I apologize that I’m not sure what I can do to remedy the situation. 😔

  2. Starry nights are always calling to be seen and marveled at. Great pictures are always. Beautiful expression too.

  3. If everything was in our hands.
    I love the night and at times never want it to end with me walking along. So simple this want is, I feel.
    Beautiful words.

  4. Thank you so much Radhika. A very happy and joyous and fulfilling new year to you too.

    Am touched.

    As I wrote : Sometimes I just want to walk away …. 😊

    Have been busy with a book and meditations. Hope all is well with you 😊🤗

  5. Ashok, this poem shares a rich theme with layers of depth and witness. As a writer, I find special places to escape to for awhile. God finds ways to keep me grounded.

  6. I saw the notification but I thought I couldn’t act on it at that time 😎

    I need to update my profile a lot 😊

    I remember you are in HR 😊

  7. I was remembering you yesterday and wished you Merry Christmas on your comment on some other site. I also commented that I am not able to open your site 🤔

  8. Yes Joanna I know and am so thankful for that. I have been very busy writing a book and haven’t been active on WP.

    Hopefully shall start again early next year.

    Much love and happy new year 🤗

  9. Dear Ashok, I told you before how I love your poems and the photos. and I miss you, I don’t know if you have read my last post because you usually comment, but if you can, please do. I hope you are safe and well.
    I wish you a great New Year.


  10. Wonderful post. I don’t cry but feel really hopeless after looking at the never ending problems of ordinary and more ordinary people in our country.

  11. You know when I started to blog last year I didn’t know I could write poems 😊

    If you start I am sure you will do better than me.

    Looks like you haven’t posted anything for a long time.

    Thank you so much and all the best.

  12. So good to hear from you Rishika. Have been missing you and remembering you.

    Which college was the final choice? Kept waiting for your mail 😌

    Thank you so much 💖🤗

  13. Hi Ashok Uncle, hope you are doing well. I’ve been away for a while but it’s so good to be back. I love this poetry! It’s so heartwarming and beautiful. Denial or surrender, doesn’t matter at all. Everything happens for a reason, after all. ✨✨

  14. “Any unsettled feelings” comes b’coz of an unanswered question in your mind. Why this n that happens or why this n that person do this n that or i did. As you read knowledge you realise that you are above all this. Just meditate for a few minutes daily and see the magic dawning in your life ! 🙂

  15. Thank you so much Amy for the beautiful insight. I am completely happy in complete surrender. My son calls my surrender – denial at times 😅

    Love and hugs 🤗

  16. All the best Riya. I just read your blog and it says it is not available in India. So it might be difficult me to review. Let me check it out.

  17. Your last line …. surrender or denial does it really matter? I suppose that depends where on the Journey a person may be. I prefer surrender if only to God not man.
    One of your questions got me as I have been examining my life of late seeming to be doing almost the exact same every day due to caring for my elderly cats.
    The question ….Sometimes I wonder: if I myself am so lost how can I preach and how can I teach? I have felt such a shift in consciousness with all that has been going on in the world which in turn has shown me how little I know. Feeling confident and safe in a world gone mad, as well, is far from easy which in turn makes me look within why is this unsettled feeling coming forth? And so the Journey continues …… (smile) xo

  18. Hi ❤
    My name is Riya Shah. I am a poetry writer. I have recently published my first poetry book on Amazon. I would be more than grateful if you could review it for me.

  19. It was very kind of you! And thank you so much, Ashok 😇

    I totally get you! I think I too wrote this sometime in June and only now I found the courage to post it 🙂

  20. B’coz I haven’t created my blog yet ! I love to read here. I used to write from age of 10 but I don’t put anything publically 🙂

  21. Beautiful poem and message Ashokji, and some lovely photographs to go with. It’s true that we often feel lost or powerless to continue, and want to run back to good times and memories and surrender the journey, till god shows through light of a new day that the journey is still unfulfilled and tha path ahead beckons. Maybe more deeds await us on that path so we should joyfully accept to move ahead on his shown path.
    I found your poem very inspirational sir!

  22. Let us fly and meet up there one fine day 😊🤗 I think of JLS almost every morning when I see the flight of the birds 🦅

  23. I know whereof you speak. This latest group of skyscape photographs is just beautiful. And it was very obliging of Mr. Seagull to pose for a photograph by the water.

  24. This is so beautiful Ashok! I feel the same way too.. someone much have rebloged this as I just commented on it.. You pictures are just beautiful.
    Love this line in particular: “Sometimes I wonder who is the one who is thinking, who am I!!”
    Hugs for a lovely day! ❤️🤗 Cindy

  25. Są chwile, kiedy kwestionujemy nasze własne istnienie, ponieważ to, czego doświadczamy, przytłacza nas. I w końcu poddajemy się zamysłom Pana, który wie wszystko.
    Dobry weekend
    Manuel Angel

  26. Fantastic pictures, nature is so beautiful. Ashok your poem was so beautiful and inspiring. Let us surrender to Him who Knows Us All so well. And many a times a question we ask Who Am I and What Am I doing in this world where at times there is so much selfishness.

  27. A troubled mind and a seeking soul knows where to find light when darkness envelopes. These questions so often manifest within me too…. am slowly learning to surrender everything at his feet, Ashokji.

  28. Beautiful words and beautiful pictures. Rest in the knowledge that God knows despite the fact that sometimes we don’t🤷‍♀ 💕💕

  29. Yes sometimes…with boundless energy one’s heart and mind needs to fly undaunted and without fear.

    Pics beautifully capture the moods of the heart.🙂👍

  30. So eloquently written Uncle💖 beautiful 😊 while reading, I too thought of your thoughts and wandered into the skies, I too asked myself whether I am in acceptance, surrender or denial and I got the answer reading your last lines. It is Indeed ‘The Almighty’ who is responsible, we should just live, be happy and leave everything to Him as nothing else should really matter.🤗

  31. Oh so so beautiful and very well written.
    I really have to thank you each time for sharing these photos of the sky. These photos are enchanting. The one with the thick grey clouds is my favourite and the one in which the moon is hidden behind the clouds and … In short I like them all.

  32. Thank you so much Nathi. Just read your poem. It is beautiful 🤩

    Mine has been lying in my drafts since September. It was a little negative and I didn’t publish it. Yesterday I added the last bit and was happy 😃

    Thank you so much once again. You write very well 👏

  33. Ashok, love this poetry of yours and I could relate to your words. Also, recently I’ve published a similar post on “Sometimes I feel like…”.

  34. Dear Ashok, this poem is one of the very best you have written. Stunning photography! But no, it does matter and we must put or even fight to be able to put things right in our corner, not only for us but those voiceless. I love and admire your talent. That is the reason that we are here. Thank you.


  35. Wow your post gives us a glimpse into the vast potentialities of the mind – it can travel in space & time – it is the observer and the observed!!! And as always what stunning pictures Thank you very much for sharing 🙏🏽

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