2021 — The Year of Movement

2021 IS the YEAR of MOVEMENT

The year to LEARN, to GROW, to EVOLVE


From weakness to strength

From failure to success

From sickness to health.

From suffering to joy.

2021 — The Year of NEW BIRTH



Launch yourself into it with ENTHUSIASM





Dawn of the year of Movement. Pic from my morning walk😊💖

With love and encouragement from you, my dear friends, my first book is under publication. It is a self help book, based on my life long learnings and experiences. I need your prayers and blessings that it comes out well and helps readers lead abundant and fulfilling lives. I was encouraged to write the book only because of your sustained love and support.

And the wish from my heart is that you, the reader and my dear friend and follower, have the best year of your life ever!! MAY GOD FULFIL ALL YOUR WORTHWHILE DREAMS AND DESIRES 🙏

Love and blessings 💖🤗


PS: I was away from WP for about 8 weeks to finish the book and rediscover myself👏

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  1. Thank you so much Richard. You have put the movement so beautifully 💖

    The book is published and available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble. Do check it out

  2. Ashok, the news of your book has to be so exciting. I like the theme for 2021 as the year of movement. Most definitely, the past year froze life’s movements as if glacial ice showed up. In time the thaw will arrive, and those frozen movements will be ready to crank up again.

  3. Dear Ashok, just to tell you that I have your book and I love it! I used a quote from it in my new post (this Saturday)
    and there will be a picture and the title of the book too.

    Thank you.


  4. Thank you so much Olivia. It is available on Amazon : 4 Pillars of Abundant Life by Ashok Wahi

    I would so love it if you read it and review it

  5. The moment I am through with the release of my book and it’s promotional stuff I shall get in touch Gunjan. Sounds good.

  6. Sure sir
    Hello everyone,

    Hope you all are keeping good and safe.

    VG CREATIONS presents you an amazing anthology to be part of which will be published by a renowned publication ‘LAPSUS CREATIONS’.

    Details are here as follows

    1. Language- English/Hindi.

    2. Genre- Short stories, Poem, Articles.

    3. Theme- Open

    4. Word limit- For story 250 words each and for poem 15 lines each . You will get 3 pages for write up and 1 for your bio with picture.

    5. Entry fees would be 200/- Includes e- Certificate.

    6. Social media promotion.

    7. Writeups should be original.

    8. Book will get publish in 110+ countries.

    9. India online distribution.

    10. International e-book distribution.

    Have a great experience over here…joining this new anthology.

    ~Gunjan Rathor

    Contact me on Instagram @gunj.rathor

  7. Hello there
    Its Gunjan Rathor this side.
    Author of ‘The First Steps’ book and co-author of two more books. Presently in 12th standard PCB student. From Raipur, CG India
    Right now we are preparing for an anthology and came to Know that you are a good writer. It will be great to see you joining us 😊
    If you want I can send you more details 😊

  8. You are so sweet Deb. Thank you so much 😊 🤗

    I shall pray that Deb gets to enjoy the dawns like I do or more 😊💖

    Thank you so much for your wishes Deb. The book is available on Amazon but in India for some strange reason it is overpriced just now. My friends have already bought it in other counties. Shall let you know as soon as the situation gets corrected. And would love to send you or sign the book when we meet.

    It is titled 4 Pillars of Abundant Life

  9. Ashokji, first of all wishing you a very happy new year. Wish it truely turns out to be the year of movement as you so beautifully expressed, where we move towards light from the darkness of the year we left behind.

    That picture is so beautiful, you live in such a beautiful and green location, amazing! The day I can take your advice to finally get up early, I will also try to capture a souvenir sunrise like that 🙂

    And congratulations on you publication, I am so glad to know another real life author, such a privilege to me! Where can I find your book Ashokji? I will certainly try for the paperback, so that I can hopefully get it signed by you someday 🙂

  10. Best wishes for the Book. 2021 is definitely the year of change. Making it a step forward or backward, positive or negative depends on us. So what you say makes so much sense.

  11. Many many congratulations… 🤩🤩💐
    So happy to know that you’ve recently published a book. Kudos to you that you’re a published writer now😎😎.

    God bless you and help you in imparting more and more knowledge.

  12. Thank you so much girl next door 😊🤗

    The book is published but availability in India is not stable just now and is higher priced. Some friends did order yesterday in US and Canada

    It is – 4 Pillars of Abundant Life

  13. Congratulations Ashok! Look forward to reading the book 👍🙏

    On Sun, 17 Jan 2021 at 10:53 AM, Musings of a Wanderer wrote:

    > ashok posted: ” 2021 IS the YEAR of MOVEMENT The year to LEARN, to GROW, > to EVOLVE THE YEAR TO KEEP MOVING From weakness to strength From failure to > success From sickness to health. From suffering to joy. 2021 — The Year of > NEW BIRTH Of a” >

  14. This is soooo exciting Ashok! How great you took the time needed to move into respite, enthusiasm and finish your book!!! Congratulations! It will be phenomonal just like you and I can’t wait to read it! Hooray and Kuddos to you dear friend!~ ❤️

  15. Best wishes for your book Nd wish you same for 2021 last year teach us lot stay blessed you are a pure soul 😊

  16. Wish you so much success with the book im sure you put in a lot of time and hard work in! You’re right. 2021 is going to be a better year because it will be improved. Wish you all the best yet to come this year 😉🙌

  17. Love u Mamu…
    U r an inspiration always ..
    I love ur way of living life to its fullest… N besides of all roller coaster turns in my life, I’m trying to put that same.. Empathy towards myself n others to live happily n peacefully… Thanks for motivating always..

  18. Sending all my positive thoughts toward a wonderful outcome for your wonderful-sounding book! Love the poem/advice… I agree. We need to travel again, soon hopefully, freely. And hope and rejoice and love indeed! Hugs Ashok xoxo 💛

  19. Wishes you the best for your book Ashokji. This is a sign of a beautiful beginning of the year 2021. Undoubtedly, your wisdom and experience will inspire all of us.🙏

  20. Congratulations, Ashok! I’m sure it will be a success and wish you all the very best!! Stay blessed and have a lovely year ahead of you, ❤️❤️💐😊

  21. Lovely post, I truly enjoyed this! Congrats on your book, I’m sure it’s amazing!! Much love my friend 🖤🖤

  22. Hearty congratulations dear Ashok and your book will be so profound. Do let me know when it will be out would love to read your profound book. Positive and joyous start for a New Year. Let us all rejoice in this year of happiness and joy.

  23. Aameen to your words uncle, hope it will be good for all of us🥰
    Always a pleasure to read your beautiful inspirational words 🤗
    InshaAllah uncle, we are so looking forward to meet you😍
    Thank you so much for all your love 💝😊✨

  24. Thank you so much Cheryl. You are always so kind and appreciative. It means a lot to me.

    Hope all is well with you. Stay blessed and keep writing 💖🤗

  25. I am sure 2021 would be great for you and your family Samreen. And let us hope we can meet this year 😊🤗

    Thank you so much for your kind words and love. You write so well 🤗

  26. Thank you so much my dearest princess for your wishes and all the help. Let us wait and see what plans God has for me 😊🤗🙏

  27. Welcome back dearest uncle after a break 🤗💖🤗 Indeed, this year is a year of hope of a new tomorrow and also it will be great to see where it would take us through our understanding and learning of 2020 because the last year has had so much to offer in terms of our knowledge to have a better knowhow of this world, its people, worldly desires and our connection to God. ❤️😊✨
    InshaAllah your book will turn out great and thank you for writing and sharing with us your valuable perspectives and learnings of life. 😊🥰🌻

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