I Don’t Know

I don’t know from where I have come

I don’t know why I was born

I don’t know where I would go!

I don’t know the purpose of life

I don’t even know if life is real

Or it is just a dream!!

I really don’t know much!!!

But I do know that

All of us want to be happy

And I do know that

Doing things for others

Makes me happy!

I also know that

Watching a sunrise

And a sunset

Or just passing clouds

And watching birds in flight

Makes me happy!!

And that makes me think

Why should I worry about

Why I was born

Why should I worry about

The secrets of life

Let me just be happy and

Do things and stuff

To make others happy!!!


For more on Happiness and Giving do read my book – 4 Pillars of Abundant Life

Thank you so much for your continued love and support. Am indebted 👏

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184 thoughts on “I Don’t Know

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  1. Rightly said. Why to worry about those questions when there is abundant of happiness around.
    Wonderful poem.

  2. Well, yesterday I looked on Amazon, it is my next read and I cannot wait🦋🦋

  3. Yes, that is so amazing, we are always students, even when we are teachers🦋
    For me finding people with whom to connect and relate is another world🦋
    You are very kind Ashok🦋

  4. Isn’t it exciting Marie? To be able to find others in finding yourself!!

    One of the the quotes from the book – Happiness lies is in continuously discovering and rediscovering ourselves 😇

  5. So you are an author💙 my next book to read will be yours.
    This year is a year of writing and reading to uncover my authentic self
    But how many beautiful people I am uncovering on the way.🦋

  6. Most welcome Ashok. Looking forward to more of these uplifting simplifying posts….
    Oh my, don’t remind me. I don’t have any left and I have a hankering too 🙂

  7. You’ve managed to simply and detangle it so beautiful. Just be happy. Do what makes you happy and try to make others happy. Lovely Ashok.

  8. Don’t know if it’s real or just a dream, these world’s are so comforting…if it’s a dream then why should we worry for any damn thing. Realizing it as a dream is like giving yourself wings. 👍

  9. So true Tega. I think life makes sense only by being able to help others, to serve. And helping others makes us happy.

    See if you can lay hands on my book – 4 Pillars of Abundant Life. This might help clarify some doubts and give new perceptions.

    Thank you so much for taking out time to read and comment 👏

  10. Sometimes, I wonder what the purpose of life is. Is it to suffer then die? Why do we have tons live if we know we will die?
    It’s all messed up.

    A wonderful piece this is!

  11. That is a wise thing to do Rosida – to live in the now, to do our best today and let go. I have covered this in my book – the problem of living in the past and future 😊

    Love and blessings 😊💖

  12. It’s my great pleasure.
    Thank you for your wise words. Fortunate to connect with you because your experiences can enlighten me. You are right, we need to think why not me. Always making a complaint creates more difficulties. I was always worried about the future, some what-ifs were always there to threaten me. Focusing on today’s action, now helps me to get rid of all those.
    Wish you more, keep blessings.🙏💞

  13. Thank you so much for reading and commenting Rosida.

    Life can be tough and it can really suck at times. We need to find ways and means to keep our sanity and stay happy and peaceful. One way is : instead of thinking why me, we could think why not me?!

    You know Rosida there is no way we can change our today. Today IS! Whatever it is we need to accept it with gratitude and surrender. But tomorrow would be different and that depends on our actions of today. God is most kind and loving 💖🙏

    Stay blessed. Stay loved

  14. Thailand is a very popular destination for Indians 😊 but I am yet to visit it!

    Lots to see in India too and it is a vast country. And so much to see in the world 😇

  15. Many thanks for sharing these mind captivating images of the sky. You’ve got a eye for photography.

    It feels so nice to read the feedback’s people have sent you from all around the words. Glad to know.

  16. Thank you so much for your kind words Deb. Looks like the whole purpose of life is to be happy – and we need to snatch it and grab it wherever and whenever we can 😊

    Stay blessed Deb

  17. I am from Pune (near Mumbai) India.

    I visited Istanbul end of 2019; my last visit abroad. God willing shall see more of Turkey one day again 😊
    2019 was travel all over the world and 2020 travel within my self 😇

  18. Beautiful and simple poem of joy of life Ashokji. Truely life’s biggest purpose lies in enjoying the simple joys of life’s reverberations around us. Life begets life, and spreads joy. Nature can teach us a lot more easily than rules set down in black and white can. So let us indulge in the simple joys of life to be contended. Thank to so much Ashokji for your acts of spreading this joy and wisdom in the community.

  19. Such a beautiful piece Ashok!
    Celebrating our happieness together in the clouds and sunsets and sunrises and the day you were born! And the magic of your book of Cours! 💖🙏🤗

  20. Oh yes Ozlem : being able to see the beauty in life is the biggest thing I would say. Once we see the beauty in life every thing else would easily fall in place 😊💕

    Thank you so much 😊
    Where are you from? Do your posts have a translation?

    Stay blessed. Stay loved 😊🌹

  21. Thank you so much my friend and am so glad to know that these simple joys are meaningful to you too.
    Oh yes life is simple. Our mind makes it complex 😇

    May you find your answers and stay blessed 👏

  22. He only knows the games He keeps playing!!
    Some days life is clear as the bright sunny day
    And then He covers it in thunder and lightening and shatters all the concepts.

    But my princess is blessed
    Always loving
    Always loved

    Thank you so much for the beautiful poem my sweetest princess 💖🤗💖

  23. I love this beautiful poem! So simple, and really makes me think. I am someone who is pulled to those big questions. But maybe the answer to some of those big questions is more simple than we suspect. Maybe we do already know, but with our heart not our mind. So it’s best to get busy living it. What you described as bringing you happiness is exactly what brings me happiness.

  24. Neither have I come with my consent
    Nor shall I go
    Sent by the supreme deity
    I have to spread love here and there
    Among all others who possess the same divine light
    Which is the reality of mine
    To appreciate this beautiful dream
    And prepare my eyes
    for the incommensurable reality
    Which is absolutely unprecedented
    In beauty sublime
    Why should I worry about than
    I shall spread love
    And kindness
    And shall go back
    When the call come
    Towards the eternal reality
    Which is the only reality
    Of you and me…

  25. Enjoy the world my dear and spread your cheer. Keep life simple 💖🤗💖

    Thank you so much for your love Samreen 🤗💖🤗

  26. Such truthful insights Ashok Uncle, I too often wonder why were we born when one day we have to perish but then I always think ‘Am I not lucky enough to be born, to see this beautiful world’ 😊 Beautifully written as always, you deserve all the love as you yourself spread so much of it 💖🤗💖

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