And I was waiting for the Spring πŸ’•

Looks like Corona is not only effecting our health it has changed our seasons too!!

We had a mild winter and now it is hot hot summer!! Where is my beloved springπŸ€”

Luckily, mornings are still pleasant but days have been unusually hot since end February. Yesterday morning was so beautiful πŸ’–

All pics on my iPhone on the 13th of March. Copyright Β©

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  1. Yes Deb, we learn to make the best of every situation. I have been enjoying mangoes from South πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜‹

  2. Those are some very beautiful skies Ashokji!
    Sadly it is as you say, The winter very briefly have a few days of spring and summer has already stepped in here too… But the evenings are still quite pleasant in Bangalore πŸ™‚ and hopefully we will have good mangoes this year πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‡

  3. The world has changed so much… no just Covid, the climate change is also the reason for the season change. Anyways.. loved the scenic clicks. Charming!

  4. Some of the cloud formations have been truly impressive lately and impacts the viewer with a pow! OH wow!! We’ve been very cold here and it seems Spring is attempting to balance Herself after many years of the first seen early Spring flowers coming up far too early. So much is out of balance. If each one of us took it upon ourselves to do our very best to bring balance, harmony and love to every situation of our lives, this world on the whole would change and for the better. Much love this day, Ashok!! xo

  5. Yes true. Seasons change radically too Enjoy your morning walks it’s pleasant then Keep smiling 😁😍 Armaity

    Sent from my iPhone


  6. Absolutely beautiful photos. You are right about the seasons, though it’s probably more to do with Climate Change than Coronavirus. I do use Instagram but for completely different purposes than my blog. On Instagram I show my embroidery/craftwork.

  7. I too thought the same. Spring is present in the morning, days have become heavy with scorching heat of the Sun. Beautiful images.

  8. Balanced use of social media is fine I think. I just couldn’t find time for IG should start on it soon 😊

    Don’t wait for some day 😊 do it today 😊

  9. I also don’t use social media much, but will surely have a conversation with you onedayπŸ˜…

  10. I did start on Instagram but didn’t follow through. Would love to talk to you Sohanpreet 😊 on Instagram or phone 😊

  11. I also wanted to ask if you use Instagram? I just followed you on ig and would like to talk to you someday. 😊

  12. Ahhh, there is nothing like the Indian sun; so beautiful! If I could send some of our spring weather to you, I would. I hope you get a little more spring before it gets too hot._/\_ =^)

  13. Beautiful sky!! Spring is here, daffodils and tulips galore. Roses have masses of new pink leaves that will become green later. Shame we are so far apart!

    Thank you.


  14. Inshaallaha! Our lives shall rejoice the pleasure of spring once again.
    If we’re sowing the seeds of pleasure, flowers shall bloom soon and all will be enjoying with us..
    Keep sowing the seeds, spring shall come soon (or it’s already fluttering πŸ™‚let’s check it out πŸ€—)

  15. Ashok, your photography brings out the beauty of the day. There is much to witness when we gaze up at the heavens. I hope the weather grants you a respite soon.

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