There is no God

A few days back I had read a post by Sara, of Life is not an Immune, in which she was saying there is no God. If He was there He would have seen her pain, her suffering. I do understand from where she is coming, and my heart goes out to her. May God ease her pain and give her peace and understanding. And there are so many like her in pain all around. And I keep praying for all.

In my post – My First Love, I had talked of my love for the stars and the sky, and my awe and wonder at the humongous bigness of the universe. I was even more awed or completely bowled when, still in my youth, I learned that ours is an ever expanding universe. My question was : expanding into what? What was there before the universe occupied that space? Nobody could give me any satisfactory answer for decades.

As I matured and started to delve into metaphysics I began to get glimpses of truth. Our rational, thinking mind is too small to understand the infinitude of creation, of God. We can understand it intuitively only. No one can explain God. God can only be experienced.

I believe two opposing forces are continually at work in our universe. One is the attractive power of God, which is Love; and the other is Satan or Maya/Illusion or Iblis. Both these forces came into being at the same time, when creation happened. When the Big Bang happened about 15 billion years ago the outgoing force, the centrifugal force started to pull creation away from the center. That outgoing force is nothing but Satan and is the creation of the Creator only.

The other force is Love, which is pulling us back towards the center, God. And this is a centripetal force. All of creation is subjected to these two opposing forces. And all of us are at different radii from the center, the nucleus; which is nothing but pure love. The further we are from the center that much more restless and unhappy and unfulfilled we are. The closer we are to the center that much happier, peaceful and fulfilled we are.

Love is the cohesive power which is holding the universe together πŸ’•

Though God is Love, He runs His creation with Law, which is unerring. That is His play, His Lila or drama. And this Law is nothing but karma, cause-effect! Our own karma brings us pain at times and we start to disbelieve in His love. But He knows our pain and cries for us but can’t help us till we help ourselves. That is the whole game of creation. Every pure act, every act of kindness and compassion brings us closer to the center, to peace and joy. Every impure act, every act of anger, jealousy, greed and hatred takes us away from the center. And we experience pain and restlessness and unhappiness. It is true, but most of the times it is difficult to understand from our limited perception of one limited life span.

And ultimately the whole of our life, happy or sad, is but a mere dream, a story πŸ˜‡ God is the only reality.

Whole of life is a dream, all of us are actors in the movie of our Creator. As real as any sculpture, any painting, any story; real in their own rights, but never as real as their creator!

God is Love. Love is God. Love is all there is πŸ’•πŸ’–πŸ’•

Copyright Β© 2021

Thank you so much for your continued love and support. I am indebted πŸ‘

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  1. Jesus Christ is the life of God, ‘in the flesh.’ My flesh. ‘You must be born again.. born of God.’

    God reveals to whom he will, ‘according to my ways, according to the fruit of my doings.’

    At the cross, God took responsibility for me rejecting him. Now, I’m learning to receive him. ‘Now is the day.’

    He desires ‘mercy, not sacrifice:’ positive attention (love), in all my daily moments–toward him, toward my neighbor.

    I so often fail in my negative attitude along the way. I’m not giving up on his life in me.

  2. relax. close your eyes. you have known God and you feel like telling everybody the experience memory truth happiness health wealth money impossibility possible miracle eternal mortal finite infinite alive inert dream reality gradual stepped perfect imperfect superior inferior universe number everything nothing animal plant mineral conscious unconscious same different creation evolution credible incredible created with without creator with without beginning end in time past present future from the will to live love care matter. hell and heaven is ourselves for eternity til endless death. there are no secrets. God can not be deceived. truth is life and lie death. open your eyes.

  3. Ashok, first you have to define which god your referring, The Bible says in Jeremiah 17:9 ” The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately sick, who can know it” and Psalm 119:9-11 “How can a young man keep his way pure ? by guarding it according to your word, with my whole heart I seek you let me not wander from your commandments, I have store up your word in my heart, that I may not sin against you” lastly, in Proverbs 16:25 ” there’s a way that seems right to a man, but the end is destruction ” the true and Living God, Jesus says to have eternal life, you must be born again John 3:3….I pray you takes these things to heart, Dave

  4. I figured out how to make the Author Jeanne Knapp blog my primary site and changed the website name. It may take a day or so to see the difference. But that should eventually solve my issue of not seeing my posts in notifications.

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    For my father it was: East or west Lahore is the best 😊

    Now I have a daughter in Hyderabad too so visit is more urgent 😊

  6. Oh it’s good to know about the book is easily available in Ireland. I have heard of Pune and yes, my parents and rest of family live in Lahore.

  7. Great. The book was available in UK so should be available in Ireland too.
    I understand it is a beautiful country.

    I am from India and live in Pune, Maharashtra. But am from Chandigarh. And our roots are in Lahore 😊

  8. I am so glad to hear Robin that this post resonated with you.

    I was just going through your blog and your pain and my heart goes out to you.

    So often God does test us with so much pain, but His love for us is eternal and unconditional. Do your best but trust Him more.

    I have no doubt that you would be rid of your pain soon.

    Love and blessings. And thank you so much πŸ’–πŸ€—

  9. Ashok, this is so beautiful. God is Love, as the Bible clearly states. I pray for all to experience God in their hearts, just as you and I have. Your post has created such a beautiful illustration of God and love and the law. Thank you for truly blessing me with what you have written.

  10. My experience Rabia is (and I have mentioned that in my book too) that most people turn to God to seeking after a tragedy.

    Thank you so much for your kind words Rabia.

  11. Isn’t it the most contentious thinking that for some people when sufferings comes, they got more close to God and for some it is an opposite experience? Where have our spiritual connections gone?
    Very heartfelt post, dear Ashok!

  12. Absolutely dear Florence. Thank you so much for the wise words. He is always there πŸ™πŸ™

  13. Great explanation, Ashok. I agree with all you said. The unquantifiable vastness of the universe tells me something, that there is a supernatural being, bigger than the universe itself ( a mystery, but the truth)
    Pain is part of life and not enough reason to proclaim the nonexistence of God. If I stepped on a thorn and get hurt, or if someone stabs me and cause me pain, or if I lost my loved one, or if I get sick..there is still God.
    Sometimes we tend to rule out pain as a.part of human existence.- as you said there are two forces at work in the world and even in man, one works through human weakness and causes us pain and somehow, God comes into our rescue. This means that amid our pains, God is right there seeing us through it.
    I have experienced God so much that it’s hard for the pain to take him away. However, I understand with those whose pain makes them lose faith in God. It’s harder when we fail to understand the nature of God, how he works. Our human mind can’t comprehend…

  14. You are one of the thousands or lacs who get confused with language or names. One of my sisters too was like that. An atheist. I love her.

    Once we had a long discussion. And we talked of consciousness and energy and she said she believed in that.

    That universal consciousness, that unimaginable algorithm can be called anything or nothing or Allah or Ram or Junk – doesn’t matter.

    And yes that Consciousness powers the form. I choose to call that consciousness God, you my friend may call it whatever you wish.

    And yes that consciousness has its own hardware and software – it is complete in itself.

    I am in agreement with almost everything you have said 😊

    Thank you so much 😊

  15. There is no God. There is just an algorithm. Then there is the equipment (form) to process the algorithm. The experiential, whiff of God is itself an algorithm. And to run these two is the unity or consciousness – the fuel.
    From the consciousness is powered this form n based on its own hardware n software, is the output filtering.
    There is no God viz Allaha, Christ or Ram. Just consciousness, algorithm n a form to process it. Now, in waking state this is true, in dream state too. But in deep sleep the firm n algorithm vanish. No Allaha no Christ. Only consciousness remains. I am that consciousness.

  16. Thank you so much Richard. It is so true – we need to keep revisiting the truths for more clarity.

    Stay safe. Stay blessed

  17. Ashok, I need to read this post again. There is much truth in how our own positivity and love bring us closer to the center of our Creator’s vision.

  18. All the best Jeanne. The name I get is: Jonathan’s and Jeanne’s Juice and Java and more coming soon πŸ€”

  19. I thought I was seeing everyone else’s blogs on here because Longreads was picking your stories over mine and I was kind of jealous. Anyway, I guess I don’t have something quite right with my site and that’s why I can’t see my blogs with you all’s blogs.

  20. God’s plans and timing is designed to teach us how to trust him. As you mentioned it can’t be expressed yes, but those who experience his blessings would never say there’s no GOD. Each word is filled with devine thought Ashok. πŸ™‚πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ‘

  21. Ashok, you remind me of the Transcendentalist Emerson who said that we experience the divinity of God through nature. I wholesomely agree. I see God in nature than in any written text.

  22. I certainly agree that our thinking mind is too small to understand the infinitude the creation. But to the rest, and precisely because of our limited perception, I think the only honest thing we can say is that we don’t know!

  23. We shouldn’t forget God when the pain surfaces, same as we shouldn’t forget God when pain subsides. God is everywhere. It’s faith. Deep rooted and monumental I believe.

  24. Every beginning is an end. Every ending is a beginning.

    God is center everywhere and circumference nowhere 😊

  25. Thank you so much Simon. Oh yes I know you and Nisha are kind and religious persons πŸ˜ŠπŸ€—

    Oh yes – every good quality, every good thought is god πŸ˜ŠπŸ’–

  26. I love him too 😊
    The question my scientific and logical friend is : what was there before the Big Bang?

  27. β€œIf He was there He would have seen her pain, her suffering.” – Had God really came to her to remove her pain, she would have reduced him to a Doctor/Psychologist immediately.

    You are right in saying that every human being is located in a circle at some distance from centre. The farther the location the more restlessness (of mind in case of human being). Destiny is to β€˜fall’ into centre. Centre is connected to everyone (every point) through radius. Every point is beginning and end both of the circle of that radius. Most people live thinking that they are at beginning point of it ie human being. But they are the end point too ie God himself. This experience of knowing it lets one fall into centre. This is called Philosia.

  28. This title caught my attention. I was religious, and I still am. I chose a religion and I respect it, not just mine but all religions that exists in this world. God cannot be seen, God has to be experienced. This is million% true. God is where Love is, discipline is, brave is, good habits is. Religion is created to bring discipline. I am not saying God doesnt exist, I wish God Exists. Thanks for this amazing Post Ashok Ji✨Have a lovely dayπŸ‘

  29. Ashok, this is just marvelous. I absolutely love this post and I resonate deeply with your words. Love is all there really is and the love in this piece is palpable. Thank you for this gem, amazingly done πŸ–€πŸ€—

  30. God is Love and Love must Love is so wow Kamal. I love it πŸ’–πŸ˜πŸ’–

    Thank you so much for outlining the whole philosophy so well 😊🌹

  31. Words of wisdom and so well explained on There is No God. When God is in every little detail and not a leaf can move without his will then where is God. God is in the question that Sara has asked because He is Everywhere and in Everything. There is Nothing but God whether bad or good, or satan or evil as we take him to be. But he says that also is just a degree of goodness. This whole creation is Me and I am in one and all playing each and every part to perfection. God is Love and Love must Love. Superb post, Ashok.

  32. Our consciousness keeps changing as we grow.

    You believe in love. That means you believe in my God πŸ˜ŠπŸ’–

  33. πŸ™Unfortunately, nothing much is there and if any company comes they are like just hiring freshers without stipend and then after the probation period, it is very likely they are going to say bye-bye to candidates.

  34. Much said in few words😊 Pain is where the learning comes fromπŸ˜‡

  35. Thank you so much Radhika. Yes, He is Omnipresent and Omnipotent and Omniscience- yet so difficult to see and experience πŸ˜‡

  36. Thank you so much Lavina πŸ˜ŠπŸ€—

    Pull of Maya is always the so called obstacle. Once we realise that whole of creation is merely a dream our journey within becomes easier.
    The universe is not going anyegers or expanding; it is just a dream πŸ˜…

  37. Another super articulated pieceπŸ™πŸ™
    When you reiterate that universe is expanding (pulling outward), it makes me think is that the reason which poses so many obstacles for the few who intend to take the journey inward? Since those few are moving in opposite direction…

  38. Yes my dear friend. These questions have always remained.

    He only knows the Whys and What’s of His creation πŸ™πŸ™

    Thank you so much 😊

    Stay safe. Stay blessed

  39. Vert well reasoned and similarly argued by C S Lewis in his Problem of Pain which confronted the question on why did his God allow his wife to die and him to suffer. Some of life’s most fundamental questions!

  40. ” Our rational, thinking mind is too small to understand the infinitude of creation, of God. We can understand it intuitively only. No one can explain God. God can only be experienced.”

    Above extract is so true… yes, we can experience god…

  41. Yes princess. He is the most beautiful and most loving πŸ’–πŸ˜πŸ₯°

    It is beauty I love.
    In love and with love I seek the Maker of the beautiful πŸ˜πŸ’–

  42. There is no God but God πŸ’–
    Beautifully written.
    HE keep us reminding by ups and downs what our reality is. HE keep us reminding of the factors which are distracting us from HIS divine love. We need to understand.
    May we keep walking on a right path and keep loving the beautiful creations of our Lord.
    God is beautiful and HE loves beauty.

  43. πŸ˜…
    Thank you so much

    This subject is very close to my heart and have written about it earlier too πŸ˜ŠπŸ’–

  44. I must say the title caught my attention πŸ˜‚

    But it’s a whole lot to digest. You just explained the concept of life. Well done πŸ‘

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