Curious and the Enlightened🤩

Thank you so much my dear friends for sharing your thoughts on the pic of the kitten and the puppy. So varied and so beautiful 😍

A few of them were:

Joana, Laxmi, Kamal, Nilesh : Friends and friendship🤗

Lauren and Barbara: Cuddles🤗

Natalie and a few others : only love💖

Radhika: Living in Harmony💕

Saba: Care and Compassion💖💕🤗

Ragashree: He is cute; why is camera pointing at me😹💖

Alisha: hey humans don’t get confused…. subtle art of not giving a F…😹

Atul: leave animosity and live in peace💕

Girlwithatroubledmind: love! Shall keep troubling you even when sleeping😹💕

Patricia: Just keep it between us! I am the king of my castle😎

Liz: We are happy the way we are 😊🤗

Perth Girl: different yet get along😇

Lookoon: Confidence and vigilance

Ashwani: It gives inspiration to co excist with different views & even your enemies

Armaity: Trust. Friendship. Peace and naughtiness too. 😍😍

Omatra: Looking simply … is adorable 🥰❤️ how sweet is that!

Looking deeper… no matter how different we are – we CAN come together, appreciate and love with what the other has to offer. Find comfort and kindness

Ruelha: Comfort and familiarity 🎀

Heather: Cat’s rule 💖😹

Mia Winhert: “Finding comfort in the unlikeliest of places!”🤗

Ankush: Fearless and alert attitude …

I P Singh: I will take care of my loved ones💕


For me the cute kitty represents Curiosity. Curiosity of a child or a seeker. And the sweet puppy has found his peace. He is Enlightened.

One sweet pic and most of us see it differently. Isn’t it unrealistic to expect a common and agreed view of our complex lives 😇

Life has NO MEANING. It takes on any meaning we give it. Life doesn’t judge. Life simply IS.

Stay happy. Stay safe. Stay strong. Keep loving


PS: would love to know — What do you think is the meaning/purpose of life?

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