Why Corona Why

Dear Corona,

Why have you come

Whence have you come

When would you go

Whither would you go

Are there other planets

And dimensions that you roam?

Corona, O mighty Corona

Do tell us all that you know!

O yee humans

I am a tiny little virus

What would I know

That you already don’t!

Yet however small and however little

I am part of the One Big Whole!

I shall do my bit and leave

As others before me have

I know it and accept it

I don’t have grand dreams!

But yee mighty humans

Who are blessed

With such INTELLECT and


Why do you kill?

Oh why, humans, why

do you suppress

And subjugate

Your very own

Is there no end

To your greed?

Like me you too shall leave

You too shall have to go back

Like others before you

But you still don’t learn

And you still don’t see

That you too are a nothing

Just like me!

O humans, wake up

Wake up before you

Are smothered and vanquished

Just like me and the likes of me!

Kill me if you would

But don’t hate me

For: Hate consumes the Hater

And not the one hated.

How many vaccines

Would you make

How many remedies

Would you use

Mightier viruses would come

And shall keep coming too

Till you learn …

Till you learn

To become more humane

Till you learn

To become more kind,

And till you learn

Oh yes, till you learn

To conquer your very own


For I am not your enemy

It is within you

And it is your EGO


And not the tiny me!!

Let go of your Ego

And let go of your Pride

Bow down with Humility

Then you shall learn

That there is no separation

We are all ONE – LOVE


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Copyright © Ashok Wahi

Infinitude of God

When real humility dawns in our heart through the realisation of Infinitude of God, we realise our relationship with that Infinitude and our finite nature falls into insignificance. Our dependence on material things, our egotism, our self importance dwindle into nothingness and we taste true happiness.

My spiritual journey began long long back, when I was still a student, with my love for the sky and the stars ..

Those days we didn’t have calculators and computers, and I used to calculate with my own hands what a Light Year was (365 days multiplied by 24 hours, multiplied by 60 minutes, multiplied by 60 seconds and this big number multiplied by the speed of light) … was a huge figure……and there are stars which are millions of light years afar….And then I saw the bigness of our solar system. And it was so humbling to know that our solar system is just a dot in an insignificant corner of the Milky Way Galaxy and that there are stars much much bigger than our sun. If the whole of the solar system got sucked into a black hole, it won’t make any difference...It is impossible to visualise the bigness of even one galaxy and there are billions of galaxies. Maybe trillions…

This humongous size of the universe itself was so humbling and left me in a daze for months. But I was completely bowled when I learned that the Universe is ever expanding. My question was what is it expanding into? What was there before ? Nobody could give me any answer. I got my answer in my own way some years back and shall talk about it one of these days.

There’s no way our minds can comprehend this infinitude. We are clueless about life and death. We are clueless about where we come from and where we go. Why we come and why we go.

Surrender …bow down in humility … if you would know this Immensity, this Infinitude….

May the light of Thy Love….

There is no God ..

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