What is Your Religion??

 I am a Hindu by birth. But if someone asks me what is my religion, I would say:

  • It is KINDNESS

And my God is: LOVE

 My God is not sitting in a temple or a church or a mosque or any other place of worship. There is no god sitting on any mount or in any heaven!!

The love in our hearts is God! If we are kind, if we are compassionate; we are godly; we are spiritual!

 There is no God outside of you. There is no God outside of me.

There is no God who can ever be explained or defined! 

Love doesn’t need any language. Love is a feeling and it can only be experienced. Love only needs loving! And God Being Love needs only loving. God too can only be experienced.

 Hindu scriptures describe God as: Satchitananda — Sat Chit Ananda

Sat: Ever Existent

Chit: Ever Conscious

Ananda: Ever new Bliss

 That is my God. That is the God I worship. That is the God I love. And that is the God I see and feel in the places of worship of all faiths and religions. Once we are filled with love we shall always be blissful. 

And ultimately my Father and I are One.  Indian rishis and scriptures had said that too, millenniums ago: I am He. My soul, my love is a vital and inseparable part of the Great Spirit, of Divine Love.

I have made friends and love bloggers from all religions and all countries! (And that is so in my personal non blogging friends too!!) To name just a few: Saba is a Muslim from Pakistan; Jyot is a Sikh – An Indian living in the US; Yeka is a Catholic (believe in a personal God) and lives in Philippines; Huguette lives in Lebanon and doesn’t believe in an orthodox God; Dawn lives in USA and loves Jesus Christ; Betul is from Turkey; Vee is from Canada; Helen (Eilidh) is from England/Belgium, Kamal is from Mumbai and so on ….. I love them all because they are filled with love and kindness.

 The Holy Geeta, Bible and Quran sit side by side on the shelves of the bookstores and they never fight! Those who fight are the ones who have never read them or have not imbibed their message of love, universal peace and brotherhood!

There is not and there can’t be any difference in: Christ Consciousness or Krishna Consciousness or the Consciousness of Prophet Muhammad and Buddha; or any self realised being.


There is no God of vengeance and there is no God we should be fearful of.

 God is Love

God is Peace

God is Joy

God is Bliss

God is Patience

God is Compassion

God is Light

God is Purity

God is Beauty

Unselfishness is God

Nature is God

God is in the fragrance of the flowers. 


God is manifest in every sunrise and every sunset.

God is manifest in the smile of the child and in the hug of a friend.

God is there in every pure emotion and thought.

 We are going through very turbulent times. There is so much unrest and uncertainty in the young as well as old. The only way we can help the world is by changing our consciousness; and by not getting sucked into the negativity being spewed by media, the politicians and their allies. Once we raise our consciousness, once we become love; once we tear the veil of separation; we help whole of humanity. 

I will love till my last breath πŸ’•πŸ’•


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In fact my blog is filled with Love and God and Life posts πŸ˜ŠπŸ’•πŸ™

copyright Β© Ashok Wahi


We can’t turn back

The clocks

But we can always

Rewind the same

With enthusiasm

With curiosity

With hope

With love

With joy.

However much

We may rewind

Time is always


The painting was done by wife, Anita, ages back and she had called it : Hope – (Do read the post : Time heals nothing ….)

And I hope that one day we shall be together again :

In some dimension,

At some time

At some place.

And not that

We aren’t together

Even now

In Oneness

Of Love

In Oneness

Of Spirit.

Friendship πŸ’•

Friendship is God’s Divine Law Of Attraction…


Two stranger meet, and by an instantaneous choice of their hearts they wish to help each other. Have you ever analyzed how this happens? The spontaneous mutual desire to be friends comes directly from God’s divine law of attraction; cumulative mutual acts of friendship between two souls in past lives gradually create a karmic bond that irresistibly attracts them to each other in this life.

Friendship is a great universal force. When your desire for friendship is strong enough, though an unknown person who is spritually attuned to you be living at the South Pole, the megnetism of friendship will never the less draw you together. Only selfishness can destroy this magnetism within us. He who thinks of himself all the time wrecks friendship. Such persons cannot attract friends, because they are unable to expand and receive the good in life.

Sri Sri Paramahansa Yogananda.

When I read this text from my Guru, I could immediately relate to it. Some amazing friends I have made in my life. A few of them as close or closer than family.

And I have experienced this in the virtual world of blogging too. I started to blog four months back and have already made some good friends. And one of them now is just like family😊

To become so close to some people in a short time and to be able to feel their pain and to share their happiness: has to have its roots in past karmic blue prints. And in our willingness to give and share and love : unconditionally. There is no other way …

My Love-Hate relationship with USA; Infinitude of God-2

It was end of June 2014 and I was on my way to NY from Mumbai. My thoughts drifted again to my love-hate relationship with USA πŸ˜‡

In 1960s we loved USA. My father loved president JFK. I loved JFK and all of us loved him. I finished my engineering in 1970 and went out into world – A world run by Power and Money. I started to dislike USA for their lopsided materialistic outlook on life; dollar was their God 😌 and I wasn’t comfortable with that.

My first visit to the US was in 1983. I found fruits and vegetables were tasteless; there was no peace; everyone was always in a rush and I thought : see how right I was about my views about this country 😌

And then the Iraq war happened. And my dislike turned so intense and it could be called hate. I knew and the whole of world knew that there were no weapons of mass destruction- WMDs. The war was wholly driven by petro dollar situation/reality!! It was all about money. It was all about control. There was no love. There was no concern for the lives lost outside of USA. And this pained me no end. And my dislike persisted.

The trip in 2014 was to attend our SRF/YSS World Convocation. As I had already quit my work completely, even advisory role; I could undertake a long trip. I had decided to go first to the East Coast to meet my nephew and niece in NY and DC and then to Chicago and Cincy, two more nieces; and finally to LA for the Convocation.

My thoughts turned to my Guru, Paramahansa Yogananda. He had spent most of his adult life in the US; sharing his love for the Divine and teaching the people in the US Kriya Yoga; the scientific way of God realisation. And I thought : God is love. Guruji is Love (he was Love incarnate). And Guruji spent decades in the US. Didn’t Guruji teach Oneness of people, of nations, of whole of humanity? If we are all one, part of that Great Spirit and God is love; why am I getting lost in this play of light and shadow? I kept talking to myself for hours in that flight. And with the passing of every minute and hour, I became more and more peaceful. At peace with myself. By the time I landed my acceptance and transformation was complete. Just love πŸ’–

And I found fruits and vegetables were tasty. People very friendly and kind 😊❀️ We drove down to see Niagara Falls from NYC; and I said : I would never have thought NY state was that greenπŸ˜‡ My perception, my thoughts had changed my reality. And wherever you are in your life today, my dear friend : It is your perceptions and beliefs which have brought you here. And it is only you who has domain over your thoughts. Not your parents, not your children, not your government… you are responsible for your life ..you are RESPONSIBLE πŸ’―

Coming back to now; am sharing a paragraph from my post Infinitude of God

The humongous size of the universe itself was so humbling and left me in a daze for months. But I was completely bowled when I learned that the Universe is ever expanding. My question was what is it expanding into? What was there before ? Nobody could give me any answer. I got my answer in my own way some years back and shall talk about it one of these days.

I had said I will share my perception of what is our universe or the cosmos expanding into. Jyot (JJ’s Blog) you had commented that you will be waiting to read this; am dedicating this post to you; with love πŸ˜ŠπŸ€—




When I had posted Infinitude of God

Observation Blogger had commented that the universe is not expanding into anything. It just keeps stretching itself and that galaxies just keep drifting apart. I loved this. Stretching itself could also mean that it is just a thought, just an idea??

When I had finished writing I realised that words can’t really describe what I had felt and realised. I keep sharing my experiences and my truths. And what I have shared above is perhaps the greatest of my truths. But I also understand and accept that you have your truths to accept and live by; and that no words can ever describe God, His Infinitude; this Immensity. God and Love are a feeling that can only be experienced; just like the fragrance of a rose ….

Flammarion engraving, Paris 1888; photo credit Wikipedia

Hate consumes the Hater πŸ”₯

Body is composed of about 70 trillion cells. And each cell has Supreme intelligence, God’s intelligence. We need to give the body right environment and it self heals. I had written this in my blog last month.

Am a happy Fruitarian ..πŸ˜ŠπŸ’•

I was talking to my sisters about healing and we talked about all what I had written. My sisters are equally or more enlightened and aware. And our discussion drifted to love, healing, God, Dr. BM Hegde, Bruce Lipton, Dr. Venkat….

My thought went to the beauty and complexity of our bodies. And it’s vastness. Trillions of cells and billions of kms of blood and life force carriers and the tissues and organs; the mind and the brain; it’s complexities. And my thoughts again went to the infinitude and immensity of creation. (You may like to read Infinitude of God)


In a way our body represents the whole universe. Whatever is there in the outside world is within me too. And I have the intelligence of the Supreme, just like every cell of my body.…God for me is Love. God is Omnipresent. Same God and same love is there in everything in our lives. We are all connected. Same Love, same consciousness runs through the whole of creation. There is no separation.

It is He and His love that is percolating through all hearts, through the pores of the earth and through the sky ..

Our body Cells live for other cells. They are alive because they care, because they give. Their first job is to help any and every other cell that needs help. And they not only love the other cells in our bodies they love the cells of other bodies and other things too. They know nothing but love. For them there is no separation. There is just love and oneness.


And when we start to hate someone or something our cells get confused. They don’t understand this emotion. They try their best to make us love. But when the hate persists they start to think that they too need to change. They stop caring. They stop to love and help other cells in our body. And our bodies start to degenerate. Autoimmune disorders set in. And our own body starts to consume itself.

The only way out is LOVE


Hate is nothing but absence of love. Fill yourself so much with love that there is no room for hate. You will radiate love and health and happiness. You will not only heal yourself; anyone who comes in touch with you will get healed too πŸ’•


What are you choosing?

Father is Law and Wisdom

My Guru, Paramahansa Yogananda, says that: In creating this universe God revealed two aspects: the masculine or fatherly, and feminine or motherly.

If you close your eyes and visualise vast, illimitable space, you become overwhelmed and enthralled – you feel naught but pure wisdom. The hidden, infinite sphere wherein there is no creation, no stars no planets – only pure wisdom – is the Father.

And Nature with her diamond-dazzling stars, the Milky Way, the flowers, birds, clouds, mountains, sky – the countless beauties of creation – is the Divine Mother.

So God is both Father and Mother. Jesus spoke of God as Father. Some saints speak of Him as Mother. In His transcendental aspect, God is neither Father nor Mother; but when we think of Him in terms of human relationship, He may become for us either Father or Mother. God is both – infinite wisdom and infinite feeling. He gave His wisdom the form of a father and His feeling the form of a mother.

(I have seen this to be so true in case of our parents. Father as wisdom and reason (loving reason😊❀️) and mother as pure feeling; just πŸ’•)

On this Father’s Day let us affirm our love and loyalty to the Heavenly Father. While the human father’s love is not always unconditional, still it is guided by wisdom, regard for law, and the will to protect others. Guruji says; The Divine Father of wisdom, law and protection, who is represented in all good human fathers, we honour today.

As an instrument of Divine Being, the father plays his greatest creative role when he implants in his children thoughts that will lead to God-realisation. Fathers should become good role models for their children.

God is Love. And Love is all there is. It takes on the colour of consciousness we bring to it. It can be the love of the spouse, a friend, a sibling, mother or father….

I hope and pray

That all fathers

Strive to create,


To bring in

The mother’s love

In their hearts,

Without losing

Their wisdom and the law.

Happy Fathers Day 😊❀️

Mother Divine πŸ’•

There is no you

And there is no I,

There is only love

Love divine.

How very often

I may get lost

In this illusion

This show

This drama of life.

However big a sinner

May I be,

And how very often

May I sin;

My Mother is

Ever forgiving,

Her love is eternal;

She is my

Mother Divine.

There is no you

There is no I

We are One

Love Divine πŸ’•

Feeling Sad and Lost…

Am feeling so sad

To see a friend lost

But am in not

The one more lost?

I see her struggling

And can do nothing


Hope and Pray,

For her and for me

To understand His play.

And for wisdom

To be able

To do my part well

In this play Divine.

Just to remain

A witness

Knowing that He

Is the Doer

Not I,

Let His will be done

Not mine ….

The Red Rose πŸŒΉ

I was walking

In the garden

And saw this


I told it

You are so beautiful

And your fragrance

So divine.

Aren’t you proud

Of your beauty

And the fragrance

That delights?

The rose said

It is not me

It is His beauty

And His fragrance.

I just am..

Living in

Deep gratitude;

It is His love and

His grace

Which is so divine πŸ’•

Ashok June 2019

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