Afraid to die…

They are afraid to die

Because they never

Really lived.

And one day

They will be buried

Under the debris

Of their very own selves.

They would be gone



As if

They never came.

Who are these people

But the ignorant ones,

Of their own beauty

And their light.

Oh unhappy fate

That makes them love

Their ways dark.

Guide me my Lord

How to help them,

I know not what to do

In this — Your play divine!

Pic credit Stefen Stassov

Beauty in motion πŸ’•

Saw her today morning

In her beauty pristine

Changing every second

Teasing me

Enticing me

Alluring me

With Her beauty divine

At times She was so close

Caressing me

Covering Her beauty

With veils of clouds

Grey and dark

And then

Opening up a little

With a mischievous bright smile

To give me another glimpse

Of Her beauty divine

I know You live

In my heart

But how shall I appease

This longing

For your touch?

When shall this

Hide and seek end?

It was a glorious morning with clouds playing hide and seek with the rising sun and the blue sky. Neither do I have the words to describe the feelings which were evoked, nor can my mobile ever capture this beauty in motion πŸ’•πŸ’•


We can’t turn back

The clocks

But we can always

Rewind the same

With enthusiasm

With curiosity

With hope

With love

With joy.

However much

We may rewind

Time is always


The painting was done by wife, Anita, ages back and she had called it : Hope – (Do read the post : Time heals nothing ….)

And I hope that one day we shall be together again :

In some dimension,

At some time

At some place.

And not that

We aren’t together

Even now

In Oneness

Of Love

In Oneness

Of Spirit.

of Hope and Faith

It was a dark night

It was a dark dark night

There wasn’t there even

A flicker of light.

It was such a sad night

Even my soul did cry

There was sadness

There was gloom

I paced around the room

I lied down too

And I tossed

And I turned

Still there was no peace

And there was no light

It was such a dark night.

A night in which even my

Soul started to cry

But it was a cry

Of compassion

A cry sad but kind

Because it could see

The suffering of my mind.

And then the night

Turned cold

And I shivered

And I cried

I was so lost

In that dark

Night so cold.

And when it all looked lost

I heard a voice

It was a voice

So soft

It was filled

With compassion

And love divine …

I am always there with you

I have never left your side.

I have made you in My image

And it is My light

That is reflected

In your soul my child.

It may be burn dim

Or it may burn bright

It is never extinguished

For It Is Life”

All my struggle ceased

I felt such peace

A peace that

Was divine.

And I opened my eyes

I saw the morning star

A new day had dawned

Bringing with it

Renewed Hope

Courage and Faith

And I was draped

In Love Divine

Pics with with my iPhone 8 Plus


God is all there is

I too am He

But I am only He

When I am not me.

I am the wave

And I am the sea

That yon Lake

And the mountain.

And you

Yes you too

Are Him.

There is only One

And that One

Is He

In you and in me.

There is no


One Love

One Joy

One Peace

One Bliss

One Spirit

One Consciousness


Aum Amen Ameen πŸ™

Every now and then ….

You will have good days

You will have bad days

It’s an awful day

I am overwhelmed days

I am so tired days

I love you days

I hate myself days

Ugly days

Am fed up days

I can’t go on days

Still you show up


Knowing deep within you

That this too shall pass ….

the Wait is Over…

He has heard

Our prayers,

The longing of the earth,

And our soul calls.

The rain which we longed for

Has fallen lightly

The whole day long.

The sky is now

A dull grey,

But that is a

Small price to pay;

For the peace

That the rain has brought,

To my aching heart.

But is my waiting over?

Will my longing

Be ever quenched?

Even with the downpour

Of one life long ?

Am I not looking for Him

In every flower,

In every bush

And in every rain drop?


In continuation of Waiting with Longing ..

Thank you so much for your prayers and wishes : Saba, Swapnal, Ashna, Ian, Bugskybuckeye, Huguette, Just Me, Jyot, Kamal, Steve, Jyoti

Waiting with Longing ..

Weeks have gone by

And I still await

To hear

The sound

Of the rain fall,

The rustling of the leaves

And our rain dance.

Mother Earth is waiting too

With a longing more than mine;

But you divine lover

Are still playing

Hide and seek,

And enticing me

With the beauty of the sky;

And the rays of the


Monsoon clouds …

All pics taken today on my iPhone πŸ’•

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