2021 — The Year of Movement

2021 IS the YEAR of MOVEMENT

The year to LEARN, to GROW, to EVOLVE


From weakness to strength

From failure to success

From sickness to health.

From suffering to joy.

2021 — The Year of NEW BIRTH



Launch yourself into it with ENTHUSIASM





Dawn of the year of Movement. Pic from my morning walk😊💖

With love and encouragement from you, my dear friends, my first book is under publication. It is a self help book, based on my life long learnings and experiences. I need your prayers and blessings that it comes out well and helps readers lead abundant and fulfilling lives. I was encouraged to write the book only because of your sustained love and support.

And the wish from my heart is that you, the reader and my dear friend and follower, have the best year of your life ever!! MAY GOD FULFIL ALL YOUR WORTHWHILE DREAMS AND DESIRES 🙏

Love and blessings 💖🤗


PS: I was away from WP for about 8 weeks to finish the book and rediscover myself👏

Sunshine Blogger Award

I am quite new to the blogging world and it is such a pleasant surprise to get this nomination from Dawn. Thank you so much Dawn 👏 It has been so good to know you and your love for God and Jesus Christ.

Do visit her love for God/Christ filled blog:


Here are my answers to the questions Dawn has asked :

1. What’s an important lesson you’ve learned in life?

Nothing lasts….

2. What is a good book you’ve read?

Of Human Bondage: Somerset Maugham

3. What is your favorite characteristic about yourself?

Freedom. Living in the Now

4. What are your hobbies?

Current one is blogging 😊; Travel, Being in Nature. Earlier it used to be Reading and Movies.

5. Why did you start blogging?

When I returned from my trip around the world earlier this year; my son and a close friend – Seema; forced me into it 😊 Am glad I gave in 😊

6. What topics, if any, have you wanted to write about but haven’t because you feel your “fan base” would not approve?

Nothing just now…

7. Are you married or single, kids or no kids?

I am a widower and have a son, daughter-in-law and a grand daughter. We live together.

8. What are you passionate about and why?

Travel : I love people and new places. To experience diverse cultures and lifestyles.

9. What is your favorite food?

I am a fruitarian and love all seasonal and regional fruits.

10. Do you prefer a plane ride or a road trip?

Road. But not for far off places.

11. If you could wake up in the morning in a different place, where would that place be?

Waking up itself is His grace 🙏 I am at home wherever I find love 💕


I nominate the following bloggers ( a few serious writers and a few young enthusiastic ones) for the award and the 11 questions are:












My questions are:

  1. How much time do you spend on blogging?
  2. Which is your favourite country other than your own?
  3. Which is your favourite song?
  4. Do you meditate and why?
  5. Is looking good important to you?
  6. If you were given a boon; what would you ask?
  7. Which is your favourite colour?
  8. Do you like movies? Which is the favourite?
  9. What is a must must thing you look for in your friends?
  10. What are the current drivers/goals in your life?
  11. If there is one thing you could change in your past, what would it be?


• Thank the person who nominated you and provide a link back to him/her.

• Answer the 11 questions provided by the blogger who nominated you.

• Nominate 11 other bloggers and ask them 11 new questions.

• Notify the nominees by commenting on one of their blog posts.

• List the rules and display the Sunshine Blogger Award logo on your post.

Thank you for being what you are; I look forward to our continued learning and growing together in peace and joy. Keep shining your light 🤗

Begin to weave …

Begin to weave and the divine will provide the thread … read this beautiful proverb today and was reminded of my favourite quote of Henry David Thoreau. How that quote changed my life decades back!!

For many many years now my life has been lived around these 3 quotes :

First : Mathew 6.33: “But seek ye first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness; and all these things will be added unto thee”

Second : Henry David Thoreau – “If you advance confidently in the direction of your dreams and endeavour to live the life you have imagined, you will meet with success unexpected in common hours”

Third : Don Juan to Carlos Castaneda– “It doesn’t matter what our specific fate is, as long as we face it with ultimate abandon”

It saddens me to see people struggling. It saddens me to see people sad. It is sad to see them waiting for some more money, better health, better job, a good and loving partner…. to start living the life of their dreams. But that rarely happens….

People who live fulfilling lives don’t wait for things to change. They grab and embrace life today. Such people may be called dreamers or visionaries or crazy. They don’t bother. They simply live.

I challenge you to start to WEAVE, to start to live the life of your dreams, and can assure you the thread will follow… there is no end to God’s bounty.


Oh yes it is you who are responsible for everything happening anywhere in the world. You are responsible for what president Trump said and did, you are responsible for the earthquake and the hurricanes and the floods, and the riots and the bombings … you are responsible for everything!! You are responsible for the job that you lost, you responsible for the lover who cheated you. You are responsible for your mother’s sickness and your father’s death. You are also responsible for the love and the beauty and the joy everywhere in the world. You are responsible for the sunrise and the sunset, for the clouds and the breeze….

Your life, my dear is your RESPONSIBILITY!! 💯 percent. And unless and until you learn and practice this – your pain and suffering isn’t going to go. You aren’t going to lead a fulfilling life –However good it may look to the outside world and however much you may fool yourself.

But before we talk more about Responsibility we need to understand ACCEPTANCE

Today is a given. Fighting today is insanity. Whatever your are today : your health, wealth, relationships, looks….. IS – what it is. Accept it. It could have been different – yes. But it is not and that is a fact. It is futile to waste your time and energy blaming anyone, including yourself.

Any problem you have with life : Look at it and Acknowledge it…. whatever is happening in your life today Accept it. Be aware of it…

And then take RESPONSIBILITY– 💯 percent. Responsibility is Your Ability to Respond. What do you do!! The point my dear is that you have no control over most of the things that happen to you and around you. More than 90% things that happen to you aren’t in your control. But the quality of your life today and your future depends on – How you Respond to those external stimuli. Normally we REACT with a conditioned mind; with our past perspective and impressions. What we need to do is RESPOND!! And that can happen only and only if you stop yourself from reacting. Even if you give the smallest of pauses before you react, you will be able to respond. President Trump said it : how do you respond. PM Modi or May or Justine did this or that : how do you respond. An earthquake in Nepal : how do you respond ……

The moment you start doing it your life will start to bloom. All the energy that would have been lost in the blame game, being a victim; will be channelled to the solution of the challenges you are facing. You will be at peace with yourself and the world.

As I wrote in my post Time heals nothing …. Past and Future are mind constructs. Never real. And living in them we make our present, which is real, miserable. By learning to Respond and not React you will start to live more in the Now. And that is Amazingly freeing.

You have an amazing life ahead for you.



Let go

Live in the Now

Shine your light

Just be…

I love you and am so proud of you ❤️🤗

Why Why Why ???

What you are doing doesn’t matter…

Why you are doing it – will decide the quality of your life and your well being in the years to come …

Yesterday morning I had gone for my walk as usual and am always amazed at the beauty of nature and the peace and serenity of the mornings. Am sharing a few pics of the sun rise, taken within 5-7 minutes from different points of my walk.

When I was walking I crossed many people coming for their yoga class. Yoga is a divine word : Meaning union with God but unfortunately it is used so loosely now for physical fitness☺️ Physical fitness is so important but is a tiny subset of Yoga System, taught by sage Patanjali.

I saw many of them – young and not so young, males and females; thin and fat and very fat. And I was wondering why are they here? What would they be looking for? And all of a sudden I remembered my father and had a hearty laugh 😂 : A few decades back he used to visit us often in New Delhi and would go to the nearby park, many a morning and evening. One day he came back and commented in : I have been seeing these ladies for years; the fat ones are still fat and the slim ones still slim. I wonder why they keep running around 😎😂

Yes, it doesn’t matter what you are doing. What matters is : Why.

Are you doing it to look great and to hear wows ! What figure !!

Are you doing it to remain fit?

Are you doing it lose weight?

Are you worried about your future, who will look after you if you are sick and old?

Are you doing it to remain healthy so that you can sit longer for meditation and communion with God?

Why? Why ? Why?

And this applies to whether you are a teacher, a lawyer, an architect, engineer or doctor or an office clerk; or a blogger ….

It is not that What is not important; the Why is much much more so ….

Q : Why are you doing What you are doing?

Mornings are mine ..❤️

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