May is here!

May it bring you healing

May it bring you peace

May it bring you joy

May it bring you bliss

May it bring you love

May it bring you hope

May it bring you courage

May it bring you faith

Pic of today morning the 1st of May 6.38 am

Stay safe, blessed and loved my dear friends. Thank you so much for your love and support ๐Ÿ‘

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You lose love

You lose friends

You lose pieces of yourself!

And out of the blue

Some pieces come back

New love is found

Better friends are around!

And one fine morning

You look in the mirror

And see a new you

Beautiful and glowing

Stars and the moon

Shining in your eyes!

With renewed hope and courage

And a bounce in your steps

You step out

One more time!

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Why Corona Why

Dear Corona,

Why have you come

Whence have you come

When would you go

Whither would you go

Are there other planets

And dimensions that you roam?

Corona, O mighty Corona

Do tell us all that you know!

O yee humans

I am a tiny little virus

What would I know

That you already donโ€™t!

Yet however small and however little

I am part of the One Big Whole!

I shall do my bit and leave

As others before me have

I know it and accept it

I donโ€™t have grand dreams!

But yee mighty humans

Who are blessed

With such INTELLECT and


Why do you kill?

Oh why, humans, why

do you suppress

And subjugate

Your very own

Is there no end

To your greed?

Like me you too shall leave

You too shall have to go back

Like others before you

But you still donโ€™t learn

And you still donโ€™t see

That you too are a nothing

Just like me!

O humans, wake up

Wake up before you

Are smothered and vanquished

Just like me and the likes of me!

Kill me if you would

But donโ€™t hate me

For: Hate consumes the Hater

And not the one hated.

How many vaccines

Would you make

How many remedies

Would you use

Mightier viruses would come

And shall keep coming too

Till you learn …

Till you learn

To become more humane

Till you learn

To become more kind,

And till you learn

Oh yes, till you learn

To conquer your very own


For I am not your enemy

It is within you

And it is your EGO


And not the tiny me!!

Let go of your Ego

And let go of your Pride

Bow down with Humility

Then you shall learn

That there is no separation

We are all ONE – LOVE


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Fear to Faith – Part II: How to Live in these Times

Chapter XVI of Holy Geeta, describes 26 Qualities of the Soul. And the very first is:

Fearlessness: The foundation of spiritual life: having faith in God’s protection, justice, wisdom, mercy, love and omnipresence.

Bible – Job 3:25For the thing that I fear comes upon me, and what I dread befalls me (English Standard Version)

Some days back I had come across a beautiful story about Lord Krishna (when he was young lad and his elder brother Balram)

The story goes like this: Krishna and Balram were walking through the forests to reach somewhere, when the night fell. The silver moon filtered through the leaves and the wind blew with all its might. They decided it was best to rest till the crack of the dawn. While one would sleep, the other would watch over for wild beasts; and they would take turns. Balram insisted that Krishna rest and he would play guard. Balram was smiling to himself as he watched krishna sleep when he suddenly heard a sound!

Startled, he looked around and saw a demon about his height watching him with hungry eyes. Balram was scared and with a quiver in his voice, he asked,

โ€œWho are you ?โ€

The demon laughed and said,

“I am the size of your Fear!โ€

As he was saying this, he started growing bigger. Indeed, Balram was petrified. The more afraid he was, the more the demon kept growing. The more the demon grew, the more panicked Balram became. The demon was now towering โ€“ almost three times Balramโ€™s size and he couldnโ€™t take it anymore. Screaming, โ€œKrishna!โ€ he fainted.

Krishna woke up and saw Balram next to him. Assuming he was asleep, and it was now his time to watch out, Krishna reached out for his flute and was about to start playing it, when he saw the demon. The demon watched him with hungry eyes. Krishna watched him without much interest. Unable to take such apathy, the demon said,

โ€œDonโ€™t you know who I am?โ€

Krishna said, nonchalantly, โ€œLooks like you are going to tell me, in any case!โ€ The demon said, โ€œI am the size of your fear!โ€ Krishna laughed. And the demon started to shrink! The more Krishna chuckled to himself, the tinier and tinier the demon became, until it was the size of a miniature doll. Krishna picked him up and put him in the bag to show Balram.

The next morning when Balram woke up, he told Krishna, โ€œKrishna, Krishna, thank God we are safe! You have no clue what happened to me last night while you were sleeping. A humongous demon came and told me he was the size of my fear!โ€

Krishna with a smile upon his lotus lips, removed the doll from his bag and asked, โ€œIs this the demon?โ€

Balram was confused and said, โ€œYes โ€“ it looks like him. But he was huge. How did he become so tiny!โ€

Krishna said, โ€œHe looked so huge because he was able to scare you. He was the size of your fear! I couldnโ€™t help but laugh when he tried to scare me, and he kept shrinking. He would have disappeared, but I wanted to show him to you โ€“ hence I have kept him!โ€


Just the way the room can not be dark and lit at the same time, Faith and Fear cannot co-exist They are the diametrically opposite view of our perceived reality.

The problem with most of us is that we have faith but there are specks of doubt. And our faith is strong when the going is good! It starts to waiver at the first encounter with suffering, at the mere thought of suffering for our near and dear ones!

Considering the current situation, we are facing โ€“ What we can do is:

1) Stop reading and seeing round the clock information/news. Every time we read a word it creates a molecular/cellular shift in our body. Audio and Videos create even more havoc. Awareness is a must โ€“ and this awareness can be gained from a reliable institute/Website. TV and Newspapers thrive on negativity. They lower our immunity.

2) Strengthen your immune system: With positive thoughts; with a relaxed mind, enough sleep, by being in sunshine, eating healthy food – whether it is fruits and juices, salads, veges, sprouts and nuts โ€“ build your immune system. And continue to do so๐Ÿ˜Š

Being with a loving and caring family and friends is the highest immune builder. Great time to get closer to them and to understand them and to help them.

3) Just the right time for your indoor hobbies and passions – Reading, Dancing, Music, Panting, Writing – all are wonderful ways to keep the mind in a state of peace and calm. Above all meditate. It keeps mind still and brings peace.

Introspect. It is a God sent opportunity to Pause and Reflect and to Pray; To make lifestyle changes.

4) Deepen your faith. Take common sense measures but have more faith. Meditation is the best way to deepen our faith.

5) Laugh : Above all don’t take life so seriously. It is just a Reality Show ๐Ÿ˜‡

Laughter is injurious to Disease ๐Ÿ˜‚

Affirm often : I and my family are Happy, Healthy and Whole. Our lives are filled with Love, Joy and Laughter. I wish the same for all.

The whole of our journey of life, my friend is: to move from Fear to Faith. The kind of faith a child has in his parents. When a child is walking, holding a parents hand, he has no care in the world. Whole of the world may be falling apart but the child walks on merrily. That is the kind of faith we need to have in our Heavenly Father and Divine Mother; whatever be your belief.

Fear to Faith Part I (Do read it if not done earlier. I think it will help you)

PS: I haven’t left home for more than a month now and our terrace faces east. I have been able to witness and experience some truly divine skies – mostly mornings but a few evenings too. Stillness speaks ๐Ÿ’•

She has begun to Heal

She was crying

And we heard her not,

She was saying

That she was hurting;

But we were deaf

To her calls!

She was burnt,

And she was beaten,

She was raped

And she was cut;

But we kept

Beating our drums,

And kept dancing

On Her breast;

Without missing a single step,

And a single beat of

Our hearts!

But the Divine Mother,

That she is,

She still kept loving us;

She kept

Shedding tears for us!

And She kept pleading on our behalf:

Forgive them Father,

For they are your children;

However ignorant and lost!

Our Heavenly Father,

Who is both:

Wisdom and Law;

He shed tears for us too;

But how could He violate

His own formed Laws!

He does love us,

But His love for Her,

Is equally vast and deep!

Both have forgiven us

And She has

Begun to Heal!

I can see it in Her eyes,

I can see it in Her smiles,

Hidden in the clouds and the sun beams!

I can smell her

Fragrant breath,

And I can hear

Her sigh of relief;

She just had her rain bath,

And is blissful in her glee!


We have learned

Our lessons;

And shall be more aware,

In the years to come;

Of Her feelings and Her needs!

And these are

Just like ours;

A little more respect,

A little more care;

And much more love;

That is all She needs.

Above Pic from Whatsapp

All above pics from our terrace on my iPhone

Copyright ยฉ Ashok Wahi

I am Praying

I am Praying

For that is the Highest I can do!

I am praying for the ones

Suffering from the virus,

And I am praying

For all scary souls

Thoroughly bewildered

And completely lost!

I am praying for

The Doctors and the Nurses,

And am praying for all

The Helping Hands;

Who are working tirelessly

In all the lands!

I am praying

For the Destitute,

The Homeless,

The daily Wage Earners

And for all,

Who are Marginalised!

I am praying More for

Ones suffering from

The greatest virus of all,


Which has paralysed

Our Intellects and

Power of Thought!

And I am praying Utmost

For Leaders of the World,

Business and the State;

They need much more

Wisdom, Compassion and Strength

To work for the Highest Good of all!!

So let us PRAY

And strengthen our FAITH

For that is HIGHEST

We can do,

Every minute and

Every hour of the day!!!

COPYRIGHT ยฉ Ashok Wahi 2020

PS: I learned this great lesson from our Swami Shraddhanandaji, a very senior monk of Yogoda Satsanga Society of India and Self Realisation Fellowship founded by Paramahansa Yogananda more than a century ago.

We shouldnโ€™t say: The only thing I can do is pray. It is the best, it is the highest we can do. And yes we can and should give any other help and assistance we can give.

I had the honour and the privilege to be with him for a few days, earlier this month, and I learned so much.

Please do check out the Home Study Lessons of Paramahansa Yogananda, at SRF and YSS websites. These cover everything we need to take care of our body, mind and soul, in all times, and specially at testing times like these.

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She has begun to Heal

Hate consumes the Hater ๐Ÿ”ฅ

Body is composed of about 70 trillion cells. And each cell has Supreme intelligence, God’s intelligence. We need to give the body right environment and it self heals. I had written this in my blog last month.

Am a happy Fruitarian ..๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ’•

I was talking to my sisters about healing and we talked about all what I had written. My sisters are equally or more enlightened and aware. And our discussion drifted to love, healing, God, Dr. BM Hegde, Bruce Lipton, Dr. Venkat….

My thought went to the beauty and complexity of our bodies. And it’s vastness. Trillions of cells and billions of kms of blood and life force carriers and the tissues and organs; the mind and the brain; it’s complexities. And my thoughts again went to the infinitude and immensity of creation. (You may like to read Infinitude of God)


In a way our body represents the whole universe. Whatever is there in the outside world is within me too. And I have the intelligence of the Supreme, just like every cell of my body.…God for me is Love. God is Omnipresent. Same God and same love is there in everything in our lives. We are all connected. Same Love, same consciousness runs through the whole of creation. There is no separation.

It is He and His love that is percolating through all hearts, through the pores of the earth and through the sky ..

Our body Cells live for other cells. They are alive because they care, because they give. Their first job is to help any and every other cell that needs help. And they not only love the other cells in our bodies they love the cells of other bodies and other things too. They know nothing but love. For them there is no separation. There is just love and oneness.


And when we start to hate someone or something our cells get confused. They don’t understand this emotion. They try their best to make us love. But when the hate persists they start to think that they too need to change. They stop caring. They stop to love and help other cells in our body. And our bodies start to degenerate. Autoimmune disorders set in. And our own body starts to consume itself.

The only way out is LOVE


Hate is nothing but absence of love. Fill yourself so much with love that there is no room for hate. You will radiate love and health and happiness. You will not only heal yourself; anyone who comes in touch with you will get healed too ๐Ÿ’•


What are you choosing?

Time heals nothing ….

It doesn’t….Time heals nothing…..It just teaches us how to deal with our pain.

Today would have been our 44th wedding anniversary…. that wasn’t to be. But I am thankful to God for the 36 years we were together. Whichever dimension Anita is in now, I am sure she is spreading her love and happiness. And that she is proud of me that I am doing the same. She taught me well.

Anita was not only beautiful and loving she was very talented. In fact she is the most talented person I ever met. She was a master in music (instrumental), she sang, she painted, she wrote, she had green fingers, she knew pottery and she was an actor…. plus plus …Whatever she started she became good at it. I am sure if she had started to blog she would have been very popular. Any body who met her even once didn’t forget her.

She used to teach painting and music in Delhi and used to have her own classes. We moved to Pune in 1993 for my job and she had to stop those classes. In Pune she learned pottery. And then my job took me to Mumbai and she started to act. She made more than 80 commercials and about 30 serials on TV in 6-7 years. And then she started to act in movies. Did 6-7 and then she fell sick. She was ready to leave all her work and look after my parents at Chandigarh, in North India. But that wasn’t to be. Who knows they are together in some other dimension now. And I remember them with all my love. Am blessed that I had parents like mine and a wife like Anita. And God willing we shall be together again at some other time, in some other dimension…

She had said to me once : Ashok when we grow old we aren’t going to fight, we are going to live like good friends and grow old gracefully ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿค— Who knows what would have our fate been if she was still around. So very often I think that the love that I feel in my heart for all, is her gift to me. She, like my mom, was just love.

Mother in Laws ๐Ÿ˜Ž

We have no clue about birth and death. From where do we come and where do we go. Why do we come and why do we go? Who knows !! But I do believe life is much bigger and more complex than we see on our small piece of rock.

But we are here. And let us do our best to make our lives worthy. Let us be happy and grateful. Let us be giving and caring. Let us be kind.

…..pain is a given … in this world of duality. No one can escape it. But we can help each other to lessen the pain…to make it bearable.

Pain is a given, yes. But suffering is our own creation. Many of us make our pains our suffering by the quality of the thoughts we bring to our pain.

I think being on the spiritual path helped us both. Otherwise the 5-6 years of the pain she went through and the 8 years since she passed on, would have been much more difficult to go through. Being spiritual, being godly doesn’t mean that we will be spared our pain; but it does help us to rise above the pain and the suffering. We start to look at life from a different perspective. We start to know the ephemeral nature of life and start to live more deeply. We become more mindful.

And slowly we start to understand Time. We start to live in the Now. This moment, the Now….the only reality. Past and future are mere mind constructs. Both aren’t real.

All our regrets come from living in the past and all our worries come from thinking about the future. Both aren’t real. But they make our present, the only reality, miserable.

Those weren’t easy years. Specially the last – 2011 (her disease was diagnosed in 2006) A bit of me died every day. Every day I left for work and kissed her bye …I knew one day it would be the last. And when I returned home in the evening it was even tougher. I didn’t know how she would be feeling and looking and didn’t want my face to betray my emotions and reactions. So I would brace myself before opening the door; bring a smile on my face and pray and then step in…

I can think of hundreds of things I could have done better for her and with her. But making myself miserable and unhappy thinking about the past and what could have been, neither helps me nor her. It would just make me miserable and I will make everyone around me the same.

But with His grace

I chose life

I chose love

I chose happiness

I chose giving

I chose caring

Thank God, my friend,

You are alive,

You can read and write;

Walk and talk.

Get up and get going.

Spread your cheer.

Let you light shine.

Tell people you love them.

Go and hug them.

This day is yours,

Live it.

Death is very real and

Life so fragile ….


1984 at friends sonโ€™s birthday party

MGM Grand, Reno 1983 our first trip abroad

My favourite – on my parents 50th wedding anniversary in 1987. She was 31 and remained 31 for the next 25 years๐Ÿ˜

Ooty 2006

Cape Town – she had gone for a commercial shoot.

Doing her last painting Munnar 2006

From a TV serial

Am a happy Fruitarian ..๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ’•

When I published Eat Drink and be Merry ๐Ÿฅ—๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿท๐Ÿ˜‚ Swapnal commented that she would love to know my views on being a vegetarian/vegan and my journey. This post is in response to that ..

Born : December 1948

Turned Vegetarian : January 1994

Turned Vegan (almost๐Ÿ˜Š) : November 2006

Off medication ever since

I wasnโ€™t happy with eating non vegetarian food for a long time but couldnโ€™t leave it due to family and social circle. Thank God it happened finally in 1994 and am so glad it did. And decision was more from a moral point view. And I was the only vegetarian in the family for a long long time!

My foray into diet and self care began with my wifeโ€™s sickness. She started to have some health concerns in early this millennium and through a friend came to know of Dr. Venkat in Mumbai. In 2004 she started to follow more raw and vegan diet. Family supported her.

In 2006 she was diagnosed with IPF, a degenerative disease, for which there was no cure in allopathy.

At that time the only hope was the diet she was following. Knowing that there was no cure in conventional medicine, I decided to check out Dr. Venkat for myself.

So one fine day I and Anita, my wife, landed up in her consultation chambers. While waiting for our turn I spotted some good books in her collection; Osho (who I was very fond of) and the biggest surprise- Autobiography of a Yogi!! I said to myself – we are in good hands ๐Ÿ‘Later Doctor Venkat told me that she had helped set up the kitchen and diet in YSS Dakshineshwar Ashram.

I understood her holistic approach to life and healing but to understand it more, both of us enrolled for the 9 weeks course THAC used to conduct.

At that time in 2006 I had already had lot of knee pain for 2-3 years and wasnโ€™t able to walk up a flight of stairs. This was hereditary; my mother and sisters all had it. My sisters had gone through knee replacements. And I had thought in due course I too shall have to go for knee replacement. I also had an enlarged prostrate. Not too enlarged for an operation, though.

We used to have one class a week and we were taught many things and given one big life style change action in each class. One week it was start fruits early morning and no sugar. One week it was no salt and another no dairy and so on. By the end of the 8th week I was amazed that my knee pain had completely gone๐Ÿ˜‡ I was so thrilled that if a hereditary disease could be cured in a few weeks Anita too will get well (But life and death are not in our hands. God alone๐Ÿ™) Later my prostrate too came in control.

Since then I have recommended this life style change to many with very good results.

Canโ€™t thank Dr. Venkat enough for this gift to me.

I am not 100% vegan. I do take a spoon or two of milk in my tea and occasional desserts ๐Ÿจ ๐Ÿ˜‚


For optimum health, other than regular exercise, good sleep and positive thoughts, food is of vital importance. We need to make life style changes and not just a short term diet plan. Diet plans never work in the long run.

Body is composed of about 70 trillion cells. And each cell has supreme intelligence, God’s intelligence. We need to give the body right environment and it self heals. Body needs to be alkaline, ph 7+ and not acidic. Acids corrode bones and joints breed germs and bacteria. Some acid is required but body needs to be more alkaline.

Sugar, salt, dairy products, fried things, white flour… Leave acidic residue. And around the age of three body stops producing the enzyme that digests milk.

Fresh fruits, Veges and dry fruits, sprouts and nuts are healthy, filled with nutrients and leave alkaline residue.

Therefore we need to create balance : Raw – live food and cooked food. Cooked should also be mostly steamed and slow fire for best results. Pressure cooked, micro waved food is dead food. It will fill the stomach but there are no nutrients.

Basic diet, life style change is :

Fruits in the morning, lots of fruits – seasonal and regional. Fruits are to be taken on empty stomach – in the morning or three hours after a meal.

No tea, no coffee first thing in the morning. Start the morning with a glass of water – to be sipped and never gulped. You could take one fresh lemon juice with this glass of water, preferable warm water; or a lime shot after lunch and dinner. Lime shot is equal amount of water and lime juice.

An hour after water one can start with fruits. If tea or coffee is a must then take it after having some fruits.

Whole of life is cyclic. So are body cycles. The three processes : digestion, absorption and elimination are happening all the time but one cycle is predominant at one time. Morning 4-12 is the elimination cycle. Noon till 8pm is digestion and 8-Mid night it absorption.

And the first and most important function of every cell in the body is digestion.

That is why we eat fruits in the morning on empty stomach. They are predigested and donโ€™t impede the elimination process.

And that is why we shouldnโ€™t eat heavy meals at night and should eat early.

Eat small portions regularly; every 2-3 hours. And if you are the two meals a day type – so be it. Learn to listen to your body.

Big salad with lunch and dinner. Fruits or nuts in the evening. Nothing like a veg juice at noon.

Dinner as early and as light as possible

If non veg food has to be taken then take it with greens and salads. Not with carbs. Proteins and Carbs together make digestion more difficult.

There are 21 meals in a week. Make 15-16 meals perfect (in the beginning do attempt more๐Ÿ˜Š)

Others maybe for taste or going out or party etc. If you eat junk, please don’t make it worse with a feeling of guilt.

Balance is the ๐Ÿ”‘

With this life style change : Other than optimum health you will come to optimum weight too.

And you shall never have to go to docs and take any medication ๐Ÿ˜Š

The combination of this kind of healthy diet, coupled with enough sleep, exercise, walks and sunshine would strengthen your immunity and no viruses, germs and bacteria would ever bother you๐Ÿ˜Š

Body is a self healing mechanism…..

Rest and diet cures …

And Care is better than Cure ๐Ÿ˜Š

Reference reading: Fit for Life and Fit for Life not Fat for Life by Harvey Diamond


Sri Yukteswar Giri has described this beautifully in his book The Holy Science. This small booklet has wisdom of the ages ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™

Natural or Unnatural Living depends upon the selection of :




To live naturally, lower animals can select these for themselves by the help of their instincts and their natural sentinels placed at the sensory entrances โ€” the organs of sight, hearing, touch, smell, and taste. With Humans in general, however, these organs are so much perverted by unnatural living from very infancy that little reliance can be placed on their judgements. Yukteswarji says that to understand, therefore, what our natural needs are, we ought to depend upon observation, experiment, and reason.


Observation of teeth tells us that humans have teeth similar to those of โ€˜frugivorousโ€™ and not carnivorous, herbivorous, or omnivorous animals. In the frugivorous all the teeth are of nearly the same height; the canines are a little projected, conical and blunt. The molars are broad topped and furnished at the top with enamel folds to to prevent waste caused by their side motion, but not pointed for chewing flesh.

By Observations of digestive canal we find that the bowls of the frugivorous animals are 10 to 12 times the length of their body; their stomach is somewhat broader than that of the carnivorous and has a continuation in the duodenum serving the purpose of a second stomach.

By Observation of the natural tendency of Organs of Sense – the guidepost for determining what is nutritious- by which all animals are directed to their food, we find that when the carnivorous animal finds prey, he boldly seizes the prey and greedily laps the jetting blood. On the contrary, the herbivorous animal refuses even his natural food, leaving it untouched, if it is sprinkled with a little blood. Similarly with frugivorous animals we find that their senses always direct them to the fruits of the trees and field.

In people of all races we find that their senses of smell, sound and sight never lead them to slaughter animals; on the contrary they cannot bear even the sight of such killings. Can flesh then be considered the natural food of man, when both his eyes and nose are so much against it, unless deceived by flavours of spices? On the other hand, how delightful do we find the fragrance of fruits and other natural foods. I love the sight of fruit and vegetable markets. It uplifts my soul.

The reasonable inference, therefore, is that man is a frugivorous or fruit eating animal. Fruit comprises any part of the plant life useful to man – including vegetables, grains and nuts.


Many years back I had read an article from WHO (World Health Organisation) and I had shared it with my family and friends via email ; it had referred to some research and concluded that cattle farting caused more global warming than all the vehicles on the road.

I had read another article that it takes 90 litres of water to produce 1 litre of milk.

And I also learned from Dr. Venkat that the body stops to produce the enzyme which digests milk, by the time baby turns three. And that the body takes calcium from our bones to digest milk.

By continuing to drink milk and consuming dairy we :

1. Become sick, osteoporosis

2. Add to global warming

3. Waste our most precious resource – water

4. Deprive the calf of its birth right

Lose Lose Lose situation ๐Ÿ˜ฏ

My recommendation: Be open. Learn. Think. Donโ€™t be led by past habits and environment. Listen to your body. Purify your thoughts.

Nothing is right or wrong … it is just a choice. But you can never ever run away from Cause and Consequence; Karma.

Body: Food, walk, jog, exercise….weightage : less than 10%

Mind : Mind or breath is the link between the body and the soul and hence the most important. Learn to watch your thoughts, what you read, whom you mix with …weightage more than 40%

Soul : Learn to spend time to think of higher realities. Prayers. Mindfulness. Meditation…weightage 50%

A person with pure thoughts wonโ€™t desire impure food; and a person who has pure food wonโ€™t have impure thoughts — James Allen

Eat right. Eat less. Fast occasionally — Paramahansa Yogananda

And finally to quote Kahlil Gibran, The Prophet:

When you kill a beast say to him in your heart,

“By the same power that slays you, I too am slain; and I too shall be consumed.

For the law that delivered you into my hand shall deliver me into a mightier hand.

Your blood and my blood is naught but the sap that feeds the tree of heaven.”

Farmers market – Chandigarh

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