It is Beauty I Love 💕 💖 ðŸ’—

I See Thee Painting

“O Cosmic Light, every day I see Thee painting the sky in bright colors. I watch Thee clothe the bare soil with green grass. Thou art in the warmth of the sunshine. Oh, Thou art so plainly present everywhere!”

Paramahansa Yogananda

“Whenever you see a beautiful sunset, think to yourself: “It is God’s painting on the sky.” As you look into the face of each person you meet, think within: “It is God who has become that form.” Apply this trend of thought to all experiences: “The blood in my body is God; the reason in my mind is God; the love in my heart is God; everything that exists is God.”

Whatever I am today is a gift of my Guru, Paramahansa Yogananda. One of these gifts is my love for nature and travel. Nature is God 💕🙏

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Mornings are mine 😊❤️

Paramahansa Yogananda had composed so many divine chants, like:

Oh Thou Blue Sky

Frozen Sky

I will be a gypsy

It is beauty I love. In love and with love I seek the Maker of the beautiful”

Swami Paramananda

This quote of Swamiji has been a favourite of mine for years. Read it first in 1998 💕🙏

How can one see a flower, a sunrise, a sunset, a sky filled with different coloured clouds, the smile of a child, a beautiful face and not think of God 💕🙏

Beauty in motion ðŸ’•

Saw her today morning

In her beauty pristine

Changing every second

Teasing me

Enticing me

Alluring me

With Her beauty divine

At times She was so close

Caressing me

Covering Her beauty

With veils of clouds

Grey and dark

And then

Opening up a little

With a mischievous bright smile

To give me another glimpse

Of Her beauty divine

I know You live

In my heart

But how shall I appease

This longing

For your touch?

When shall this

Hide and seek end?

It was a glorious morning with clouds playing hide and seek with the rising sun and the blue sky. Neither do I have the words to describe the feelings which were evoked, nor can my mobile ever capture this beauty in motion 💕💕


God is all there is

I too am He

But I am only He

When I am not me.

I am the wave

And I am the sea

That yon Lake

And the mountain.

And you

Yes you too

Are Him.

There is only One

And that One

Is He

In you and in me.

There is no


One Love

One Joy

One Peace

One Bliss

One Spirit

One Consciousness


Aum Amen Ameen 🙏

Waiting with Longing ..

Weeks have gone by

And I still await

To hear

The sound

Of the rain fall,

The rustling of the leaves

And our rain dance.

Mother Earth is waiting too

With a longing more than mine;

But you divine lover

Are still playing

Hide and seek,

And enticing me

With the beauty of the sky;

And the rays of the


Monsoon clouds …

All pics taken today on my iPhone 💕

Grow Silently…

A seed grows in stillness

But a tree falls with a thud.

Destruction has noise,

But creation is silent.

There is enormous power in silence.

Grow silently…..

All photos on my iPhone 8 Plus 😊

Cyclicity of Life ðŸ˜‡

In this pic except me everything else is more than four centuries old 😇

Ever since I visited Braganza house and Kala Chitra in Goa last week, I have been thinking about:

Whole of life is cyclic! And that nothing lasts…

Take 1 Goa

Located in Chandor Village, Braganza House was built in the 17th century. This huge house is situated on one side of the village square. It has now separate houses, with a common entrance. The east wing occupied by the Pereira-Braganza family, has a small chapel with a relie of St. Francis Xavier, which is a fingernail. The artefacts collected by the family over a number of years, have added to the beauty of the house. There is a Great Salon, a big ballroom with the floor made of italian marble antique chanderlier from Europe adorning the ceiling, and heavily carved , ornate rodewood furniture. What stands out among the furniture is a pair of high-backed chairs, beating the family crest, which was given to the Perira – Braganza family by King Dom Luis of Portugal. Most of the furniture dates back to the 18th Century and is made from local seeso (martel wood), lacquered or inlaid with mother of pearl by craftsman from Curtorim Village. For antique aficionados, the house holds many delighful finds. 

The west wing of the house belongs to the Menezes braganza family. Apart from its exquuisite furniture and Chinese porcelain from Macau, it also houses a collection of family portraits, dating back to the 17th and 18th centuries. The library is believed to be the first private library in Goa .It has almost 5,000 leather bound books collected by Luis de Menezes Braganza (1878-1938), a reputed journalist, renowned for the part he played in Goa’s independent movement.  

The family has excellent lineage and awesome history. But today they don’t have enough to maintain this huge property. They depend on the tips/donations of the tourists to do the maintenance.

Nothing lasts. Whole of life is cyclic. What goes up, must come down.

Take 2 Family

I have seen this cycle in our family too. Our grandfather was very well off and our family lived in Lahore, now in Pakistan. All my older sisters were born there but I and my younger brother were born in India. Big family 😂

My father had a decent government job and as it was a joint family and our grandfather was rich; my father’s pay was his pocket money! All was well and all of a sudden partition of India happened in 1947 and our family had to leave behind everything in Lahore and move to India.

To digress a little : My grandfather was an amazing person. Always calm and smiling. He was the one who should have been hurt the most, with the partition and loss of his fortune. But I never heard him complain and talk of good old times.

Fall from affluence to scarcity. The struggle started. We had a roof over our heads and decent food. Nothing else. We studied in Hindi medium, government schools. And slowly, very slowly in the beginning and pretty fast laterlife again went into an upward cycle. Because of my father’s insistence on education and no other diversions all the siblings did very well.

Nothing lasts.…Whole of life is cyclic

Take 3 Spiritual

That life is cyclic, I had known for a long time. I knew ups and downs is part of life. But two years back I was exposed to a new thought altogether. I learned that – Falling down is a MUST!!!

We had a discourse from a visiting YSS monk and one of the things he said was : “Spiritual path is never a straight line. Falling down is a MUST to learn and scale higher heights. I was a little shaken and surprised but realised that it was true. I could see this in my own life.

And I could also relate to it with the stock market. If it keeps going up it will lose all meaning. It must fall to scale new heights.

Yes my friend, nothing lasts. If good times didn’t, bad too won’t. Whole of life is cyclic.

And as I am writing this post, I am enjoying the monsoon clouds and the sunrise. The short cycle of day and night; and a little longer cycle of the seasons. Can’t thank God enough for His grace.

Embrace the Cyclicity of Life my friend and stay blessed

Enchanting evening in Goa â¤ï¸

I never ever thought that I will come to Goa in summer. But what all one wouldn’t do for love 💕

I like Goa but I wouldn’t have said it is my favourite holiday destination in India. And I realised it is my 6th visit here – the highest! And the first was 50 years back in the final year of my engineering- with my college friends 😇

All my earlier visits were in winter. Though the season starts here in October, best time to visit Goa is December- February.

Saw the sunrise in Pune today and the sunset in Goa. An amazing evening with breeze and waves and the setting sun. Not only on the beach but the sun peeping through the trees. Absolutely enchanting.

I was humming Guruji’s chant all through :

So do Thou my Lord,

Thou and I never apart;

Wave of the sea, dissolve in the sea,

I am the bubble make me the sea.

So do Thou my Lord …

It is so amazing Guruji (Paramahansa Yogananda) not only wrote poetry, he composed so many chants and spiritualised them. One can easily touch divinity singing these chants.

As it is the evening was so enchanting, this chant made it divine ❤️🙏

That is what I think is the ultimate aim of all life … to realise our oneness with our creator…I am the bubble, make me the sea. To realise — I and my Father are one. But this is going to happen only with His grace. So I Hope and Wait and :

Love Travel Meditate

Filled with Life .. our Park…

Another glorious sun

Setting in the West,

In the East

Children having a blast.

And in the middle

Seniors exchanging

Words wise,

Sharing their joys

And regrets a few,

There are so many


and so many


A mother and child


In joy,


with love.


Sharing their stories,

Happy and sad.

A young girl


To make her

Future right;

A little more


Life in its fullness….

Just Another Evening in the Park… 🌹💕🌹

I used to enjoy taking my grand daughter and her friends to the Joggers Park in Kalyani Nagar, Pune. They always preferred to go with me as their parents would always keep telling them to do this or don’t do that; but with me they were free to do whatever 😊 and on our way back I will get them ice creams 🍨.

It is the privilege of grand parents to spoil their grand children 😇

Such fun. These small pleasures of life 🙏

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