Breaking Shackles Of The Ocean Of Conditioned Society

Have you ever drowned in the ocean of society? Having tasted the emptiness of positions and perks, society roles and responsibilities?

Hypocrisy breeds yet ironically aren’t we’re all immersed somewhere in this conditioned ideology?

Aren’t we always in a hurry and are frantically running to fulfil the dreams fuelled by this toxic energy?

Dreams manufactured by someone else’s imagination; have you awoken from the dream embedded within the dream ad. infinitum?

Have you never dreamt of being a free soul?Having roamed the creation in its beatific glow?

It is time my friend that we break the shackles of the past, and fly away in the heavens vast!

This nothing they tell us, constitutes the everything.

Welcome to society, we promise we won’t deceive. And it’s cultivated for us to puncture the worn out tyre system and go beyond, leave.

Ashok and Amber — our first collaboration.

Image credit : Tim Borgmann : WP

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We are co-travellers

Traversing the same byways of life!

But we are wearing different shoes,

I don’t know your aches

You don’t know my pains!

Some of us are carrying huge burdens on our shoulders,

Of decades, nay lifetimes!

Of deprivation

Of abuse and neglect!

While some of us are

Overflowing with love

And with care!

Some of us have all the freedom

And live in plenitude,

Others are bound, bombed and bruised

And often go without a meal!

We are poles apart

As if aliens from afar!

And yet we are co-travellers

On this day and this path!

Who is justified in blaming whom

We are all seekers,

Seeking peace, joy and bliss!

And we keep walking

Despite our aching legs,

And pain in our hearts!

If we could but learn to walk

In other’s shoes at last,

We would become kinder

And more caring!

And shall soon watch

Our pains fade,

Our faces aglow and

Love shall fill all our hearts!!

Painting by my wife, Anita (1955-2011)
Another painting by Anita

Copyright ©

Please keep praying for India and the world 🙏

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Whether it came from South China Sea or Indian Ocean, we are in the same storm.

We are navigating the same storm, but we are in different boats.

The waves may capsize yours while gently rocking mine, or just the other way around.

For some, quarantine is a moment of reflection and for others a complete dejection.

For some it is a time of re-connection with family and the self, while for some it is a tragic separation.

Some are happy to go within, while others are sad and depressed.

Some are at peace – even though alone, others are restless even amongst their own.

Some are drowning their sorrows in a drink, while others are out there helping the sick.

Some lament the absence of fine dining and gourmet meals, while others are concerned about bread for their next meal.

For many Home has become their Office and some have lost their home as well as the office.

Some lives are completely shattered by the virus and there are some for whom this is no big deal.

Some believe it is man made, and others say it is all in the stars.

Either way this too shall pass…

And when the storm passes, each of us will emerge different.

Some stronger, some unscathed, some scarred, some on a stretcher, and some may not make it at all.

It is wise to see beyond our own conditioning and perceptions.

To see beyond our politics, beyond religion, beyond race, beyond the nose on our face.

Let us remember we are on different boats, but we are in it together.

Let us navigate through the storm gently, with respect, with empathy, with love.

Ludolph Bakhyusen – Pinterest

I wish and pray that you and your dear ones come out of the pandemic safe and strong — physically, mentally and spiritually. Love and hugs 🤗 💖🤗

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We are One 💖

We have different mountains and rivers

But we share the same sun, moon, sky and the stars!

We speak different languages

But we share the same love in our hearts!

We have different religions

But we share the same God, who is Love

And the same One Love is enshrined in all our hearts!

So let us pray together whatever colour, creed or cast:

Forgive us our Lord, we are your children

However ignorant and however lost!

We promise we shall love each other more

And shall take better care of Mother Earth

With all the love in our hearts!

Forgive us our Lord, we are your children

However ignorant and however lost!

Pics are on my iPhone from my trip around the world in 2019 – Istanbul, Guatemala, Kathmandu, Pokhara, Brisbane, Montreal, Toronto and Niagara Falls.

One thing I have learned from my travels around the world over years is that — people are same all over the world. Everyone wants some love, some respect, some appreciation; irrespective of the clothes they wear, languages they speak and the gods they worship. We are all same — ONLY LOVE ❤️

Thank you so much for your love, your likes and comments 💖🤗 Please keep praying for India and the whole world 🙏🙏

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May is here!

May it bring you healing

May it bring you peace

May it bring you joy

May it bring you bliss

May it bring you love

May it bring you hope

May it bring you courage

May it bring you faith

Pic of today morning the 1st of May 6.38 am

Stay safe, blessed and loved my dear friends. Thank you so much for your love and support 👏

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This too shall pass….

Whole of life is cyclic

Nothing lasts

This too shall pass!

As day follows night

Spring follows winter

Ebbs must follow every tide!

Whole of life is cyclic

Nothing lasts

This too shall pass!

Night is the coldest

And is the darkest

Just before dawn!

Whole of life is cyclic

Nothing lasts

This too shall pass!

Like the sea becomes still

After every storm

So shall our life!

For it is cyclic

Nothing lasts

This too shall pass!

Never lose hope

Have no fear

Love shall always prevail!

Let this mantra be

Engraved in our heart

Whole of life is cyclic

Nothing lasts

This too shall pass!

All pics on my iPhone

PS: Covid situation in my dear country is really grim. And sadly it is due to utter lack of empathy and foresight of our government. Our PM and Home Minister are more concerned about defeating Mamta (Didi) in West Bengal than the millions suffering due to lack of basic facilities ☺️

My only solace is : This too shall pass. Let us keep praying for the suffering masses and wisdom for our leaders 🙏

Thank you so much for your understanding, love and support 👏

What is your pain?

What is your suffering, what is your pain?

That you haven’t gone out

For months

For that rare steak

That you haven’t been

To your favourite Cafè

For the coffee you love and

That your date

Was ten minutes late!!

What is your suffering, what is your pain?

That it has been ages

You haven’t hung

Out with your friends

That you haven’t danced

That you haven’t

Been to a theatre

And a cinema hall

Or even a Mall!!

What is your suffering, what is your pain?

That you didn’t get

The ten percent raise

And that you haven’t

Gone to your favourite

Beach resort of late!!

Take a small break

And look at my friend Jain

SK Jain

Who spent fifteen plus years

On one big bed

But never did complain

When he was served

The same food

Time and again.

He was ever grateful

And ever joyful

Even when he was in pain

He found pleasure

In talking to his friends

On phone

Of days long gone

But still fresh in his mind

Which was stuck on

That old time zone

And he loved

Watching on TV

Favourite movies of yore

And the news of the day

To explore

But he never complained

And he never whined

For the decades he spent

On that big bed of his


My brave and grateful friend

Has now left that hard bed

For a bed of roses

Which I have no doubt awaits

His arrival in the heavens above!!

What is your suffering, what is your pain?

And above all

What is your attitude

To your suffering, to your pain??


PS: S K Jain passed away on Monday the 19th of April 2021

To know more about him, Happiness and Gratitude do look at my debut book: 4 Pillars of Abundant Life


Thank you so much for your continued love and support 👏


You lose love

You lose friends

You lose pieces of yourself!

And out of the blue

Some pieces come back

New love is found

Better friends are around!

And one fine morning

You look in the mirror

And see a new you

Beautiful and glowing

Stars and the moon

Shining in your eyes!

With renewed hope and courage

And a bounce in your steps

You step out

One more time!

Copyright © 2021

My debut book – 4 Pillars of Abundant Life is available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble

I appreciate your taking out time to read, comment and follow my blog. Am so grateful for your love and support.

I Don’t Know

I don’t know from where I have come

I don’t know why I was born

I don’t know where I would go!

I don’t know the purpose of life

I don’t even know if life is real

Or it is just a dream!!

I really don’t know much!!!

But I do know that

All of us want to be happy

And I do know that

Doing things for others

Makes me happy!

I also know that

Watching a sunrise

And a sunset

Or just passing clouds

And watching birds in flight

Makes me happy!!

And that makes me think

Why should I worry about

Why I was born

Why should I worry about

The secrets of life

Let me just be happy and

Do things and stuff

To make others happy!!!


For more on Happiness and Giving do read my book – 4 Pillars of Abundant Life

Thank you so much for your continued love and support. Am indebted 👏

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All pics on my iPhone

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