Divine Soul Qualities

Lord Krishna has given mankind 26 soul qualities in the chapter XVI of Holy Geeta. I thought International Yoga Day is the right day to share the following with you! These have been taken from Gurudeva Paramahansa Yogananda’s commentary on Holy Geeta, called – God Talks With Arjuna! That is such a soul uplifting and divine work. Sri Paramahansa Yogananda has also written a commentary on Holy Bible – Second Coming of Christ. He had concluded that in their essence both these holy books give the same message!! Both these books are available online at the book store of : Yogananda.org outside India and yssofindia.org in India. You may also like to pick up a copy of Autobiography of a Yogi, which has been hailed as one of the most influential spiritual books of the last century.

Yoga means union – Union of soul with Spirit, with God! Yoga is not merely about body fitness, it is more about creating harmony and peace in body, mind and soul. I sincerely believe that absorbing these soul qualities in our hearts and minds would give us the peace, harmony, and God realisation we are seeking!!

SQ1: Fearlessness: The foundation of spiritual life: having faith in God’s protection, justice, wisdom, mercy, love and omnipresence.

SQ2: Purity of Heart: Transparency to truth. Freedom from attachment and repulsion to sense objects. “Blessed are the pure in heart; for they shall see God”

SQ3: Steadfastness: in seeking wisdom and practicing raj yoga. Applying scriptural wisdom and immersing oneself in the growing peace born of regular meditation.

SQ4: ALMSGIVING: Unselfishness and generosity to those in need and worthy

SQ5: SELF RESTRAINT: Repetition of unwise sense experiences creates strong and destructive bad habits.

SQ6: Religious Rites: One’s whole life should be a sacred rite, with every thought and act purified by reverence and offered to the divine.

SQ7: Right Study of Scriptures: Redemption comes not from intellectual knowledge but from what one becomes by integrating that knowledge.

SQ8: Self Discipline – Restraint of appetite, including celibacy; training the body to withstand bodily discomfort. Transmuting material desires into spiritual aspirations.

SQ9: Straightforwardness – A quality of honorable men. Striving to be sincere, free from deceit and guile, and open and candid.

SQ10: Non Injury – The avoidance of harm to any living creature in thought or deed, except when obstructing evil or upholding righteousness.

SQ11: Truth – Honesty: is the foundation stone of the universe. Honoring truth in thought, speech and action. Words should always be sweet, healing and beneficial to others.

SQ12: Absence of Wrath – The quickest way to peace of mind: being free from rage, animosity and resentment.

SQ13: Renunciation – Willingly give up passing sense pleasures for the sake of eternal joys. Living for truth without being emotionally attached in the drama of creation.

SQ14: Peace – is a divine quality. Tranquility is the nature of God and each soul.

SQ15: Non-Condemnation (Absence of Fault Finding) Not concentrating on the weakness of others and focusing on bettering oneself.

SQ16: Compassion Towards all Beings – The Divine Mother aspect of God is overflowing with this quality – Feeling the suffering of others and trying to alleviate it.

SQ17: Absence of Greed and Envy– Non-covetousness. Mastery of one’s senses, without desire for gross pleasures. Turning the mind to inner joys.

SQ18: Gentleness – Kind, forbearing, patient. Without ill will towards anyone. The Universal Spirit is ever gentle with Her erring children.

SQ19: Modesty – Feeling shame at wrong doing and correcting oneself. The purity of modesty attracts its own virtuous kinds.

SQ20: Absence of Restlessness– enables one to avoid physical and mental roamings and useless activities.

SQ21: Radiance of Character– comes from the cosmic fire of God’s supreme consciousness, the flame of awareness, within man and other sentient creatures.

SQ 22: FORGIVENESS (kshama) – in the man of God is not inflicting, or wishing to inflict, punishment on those who harm or wrong him.

SQ 23: PATIENCE, or fortitude (dhriti) – enables the devotee to bear misfortunes and insults with equilibrium.

SQ 24: CLEANNESS OF BODY AND PURITY OF MIND – is respect for the indwelling Taintless Spirit. It has been said that cleanliness is next to godliness.

SQ25: NONHATRED – should be practiced by everyone. A devotee who feels malice towards others loses the power to see God in all.

SQ26: LACK OF CONCEIT – signifies absence of excessive pride. The Lord doesn’t harbour pride, though His cosmic possession and powers are infinite.

Three years back I had worked on these 26 soul qualities for one whole year – two weeks on each quality. I had realised that even if we pick up one of these qualities and become that quality, the rest would fall in place easily and on their own!!

But Maya, Delusion, Satan too is very strong and tempts us away from our holy aspirations! I think it is time for me to revisit these and the Notes to Myself, I had written about a week or so ago! It is time to go within!!

So I intend taking a break from WordPress for sometime. If you start to miss me 😊 do get in touch with an email at ashokwahi2@gmail.com

Love, hugs and blessings 🤗🤗


CovidTimes — Notes to Myself

1. God first. God always. God alone!

2. Pray. Reflect. Act

3. Own your mornings!

4. Meditate on your mortality everyday!

5. Live as if you have died and come back – every minute is a bonus.

6. Read a little. Write more. Think most. Meditate all the time!

7. Look for something good in every person.

8. You are eternally protected. Know this and be fearless.

9. Focus on what you can control!

10. Value ‘Time’ more than money and possessions!

11. Do it now.

12. Faith. Family. Friends

13. Remember – you have the power to have ‘NO Opinion’

14. Listen more. Speak less!

15. Introspect!

16. Find a way to love everything that happens!

17. Don’t follow the mob!

18. Say ‘NO’ more often!

19. Forgive. Forgive. Forgive.

20. Look for beauty in ordinary things!

21. Always choose ‘Alive Time’!

22. If someone offends you, realise you are complicit in taking offence.

23. Possessions are your, only in trust.

24. I owe nothing. I own nothing.

25. Accept success without arrogance, handle failure with indifference!

26. Don’t explain your philosophy. Live it!

27. You bind and free yourself with your thoughts!

28. Don’t take life too seriously!

29. This too shall pass!

30. Live with delight!

31. Be a smile millionaire!

32. Be honest.

33. What is the rush? What is the hurry? You have to reach no where!

34. Just Be!

35. Judge nothing!

36. Think only good. Share only good!

37. God is LOVE!

38. Become LOVE!!

38. Ego is the Enemy!

40. Stillness is the Key!

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Thank you so much my dear friend, for your time and your love ❤️ You are a blessing!

Breaking Shackles Of The Ocean Of Conditioned Society

Have you ever drowned in the ocean of society? Having tasted the emptiness of positions and perks, society roles and responsibilities?

Hypocrisy breeds yet ironically aren’t we’re all immersed somewhere in this conditioned ideology?

Aren’t we always in a hurry and are frantically running to fulfil the dreams fuelled by this toxic energy?

Dreams manufactured by someone else’s imagination; have you awoken from the dream embedded within the dream ad. infinitum?

Have you never dreamt of being a free soul?Having roamed the creation in its beatific glow?

It is time my friend that we break the shackles of the past, and fly away in the heavens vast!

This nothing they tell us, constitutes the everything.

Welcome to society, we promise we won’t deceive. And it’s cultivated for us to puncture the worn out tyre system and go beyond, leave.

Ashok and Amber — our first collaboration.

Image credit : Tim Borgmann : WP

Thank you so much for your love and support 🤗

Dada Vaswani – Only Love ❤️

When I had moved to Pune in 1993 I had the good fortune to pick up a mini book from Manney’s Book store – 108 quotes of Dada Vaswani (like so many other book stores all over the world, this iconic book store is now closed ☺️). I used to carry this mini book in my pocket all the time – traveling in a chauffeur driven car or a public bus!

Dada J P Vaswani

This was the time I had started to seek spiritual wisdom and guidance. I used to love listening to Dada’s discourses in the early morning TV telecasts. Then I came in touch with my Gurudeva, Paramahansa Yogananda, and got immersed in his teachings, and lost touch with Dada.

I had left Pune in 1996 and came back to this city in 2015. My relationship manager at HSBC knew of my spiritual inclination and in August 2017 gave me a VIP pass for the 99th birthday celebration of Dada, at the Vaswani Mission in Pune (Thank you so much Jogen).

I was so thrilled to receive this invite as I used to be so fond of Dada. I used to love him but didn’t know that he was Love. That day in August of 2017 I heard him live from close quarters. And had the immense pleasure and privilege of meeting him after the discourse.

He was so humble and childlike. He was pure love. I have been so lucky and blessed that in our line of Gurus we have Paramahansa Yogananda, who was love incarnate, and Mahavatar Babaji whose nature itself was love. But the only such saint I have had the privilege of meeting on the physical plane is Dada.

I have met a few other popular gurus too, but none of them have the humility and loving heart of Dada.

The likes of Paramahansa Yogananda, Sadhu Vaswani and Dada come on the earth plane rarely. It is such a blessing to be in their presence.

Dada left his earthly existence a few weeks short of his 100th birthday (2nd August 1918- 12th July 2018) I have no doubt he is showering his love and blessings on mankind from whichever dimension he is in now.

A few quotes of Dada:

  • Happiness, true happiness, is an inner quality.
  • True success, true happiness lies in freedom and fulfillment.
  • People need to know that they are not alone, that they have not been abandoned; but that there is One Who loves them for what they are, Who cares about them.
  • True love bears all, endures all and triumphs!

God is Love. Love is God. Love is all there is!

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