What is your pain?

What is your suffering, what is your pain?

That you haven’t gone out

For months

For that rare steak

That you haven’t been

To your favourite Cafè

For the coffee you love and

That your date

Was ten minutes late!!

What is your suffering, what is your pain?

That it has been ages

You haven’t hung

Out with your friends

That you haven’t danced

That you haven’t

Been to a theatre

And a cinema hall

Or even a Mall!!

What is your suffering, what is your pain?

That you didn’t get

The ten percent raise

And that you haven’t

Gone to your favourite

Beach resort of late!!

Take a small break

And look at my friend Jain

SK Jain

Who spent fifteen plus years

On one big bed

But never did complain

When he was served

The same food

Time and again.

He was ever grateful

And ever joyful

Even when he was in pain

He found pleasure

In talking to his friends

On phone

Of days long gone

But still fresh in his mind

Which was stuck on

That old time zone

And he loved

Watching on TV

Favourite movies of yore

And the news of the day

To explore

But he never complained

And he never whined

For the decades he spent

On that big bed of his


My brave and grateful friend

Has now left that hard bed

For a bed of roses

Which I have no doubt awaits

His arrival in the heavens above!!

What is your suffering, what is your pain?

And above all

What is your attitude

To your suffering, to your pain??


PS: S K Jain passed away on Monday the 19th of April 2021

To know more about him, Happiness and Gratitude do look at my debut book: 4 Pillars of Abundant Life


Thank you so much for your continued love and support 👏

160 thoughts on “What is your pain?

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  1. I have referred to him in my book too – he has been my motivation for Gratitude 🙏

    Gratitude is Pillar 2 of my book – 4 Pillars of Abundant Life

  2. Makes us step back and reflect. I’m full of gratitude. RIP the brave soul.

  3. A very needed and an eye-opening poem for the readers and a very beautiful way of bidding farewell to the brave warrior! Much needed to hear!
    We just lost the person in his physical state.. but his thoughts and works are always there.. he’s a warrior ✨

  4. Oh yes, if we are open life finds so many ways to teach us

    Thank you so much for your visit and heartfelt comments on my posts. And for your love, which is heartily reciprocated 💖🤗

    I am good and am so happy to connect with you 😊

  5. Oh wow. I am sorry I did not see this till now… condolences, and respect for his inspiring story. He sounds amazing. 💗

  6. How this puts life into perspective💙 I send lots of love to your friend. Everyday is a new opportunity to bask in every minute to savour every moment.
    And I send love to you, how are you?

  7. This poem truly touched me and made me think. You’re an amazing writer and person I see from your writing. Thanks for the reminder to appreciate all that actually matters.

  8. It is so ironic…those with the biggest smiles have the saddest tales and yet they smile and spread joy all around…wherever your friend is…I am sure he is still spreading joy and happiness 😊🙏

  9. ❤ Pain is inevitable how true…sorry this great man left you Ashok.❤ Saying a prayer for peace for his family and friends.

  10. I’m so sorry for your loss he seems like a great man 🙏🏿… people that don’t complain kind of just goes with the flow of things are my favorite people…

  11. Such a beautiful and powerful soul your fried was.
    How strong God makes us but only some of us realise this strength in our lifetime.
    Gratitude is so very powerful. If we can have that. We have everything.

  12. So true my dear Kittu. Persons like him are rare on this earth. You had the good opportunity to learn from him and serve and that is so awesome. Many let the opportunities pass.

    It is going to be tough for you to deal with his absence, but it is going to be tougher for Madhu. May God give you all strength and wisdom to go through this phase of your life.

    Love and blessings

  13. Thank you so much Rosida. Reading it my eyes too are wet again.

    It is going to be very tough for Madhu
    Let us keep praying for them 🙏

  14. Thanks for introducing my Father to the world Ashok uncle. He is a hero and would remain a hero. Am his son and a companion in his journey of life. His journey made me administer him more than 1000 ampules of painkillers since I was 16 years old and has made me the strength for life. Not ever once in my lifetime I saw him complaining about whatever destiny served before him be it people or circumstances. Allow me to add something more to his remembrance.

    With a single crutch and a painful limp he used to drive his car till 1999 and get the groceries, teach us Math and Physics in early mornings, chop the vegetables in morning for our breakfast, bring the milk on his way back from office !! He even taught me and my brother to drive car. Oh he was a great cook with exotic knowledge of spices. Apart he performed meditation in early mornings and used to cure with his sweet pills of Homeopathy. He gave his family more than anyone could expect without expectations. After 15 years of happily sustaining his solitary life he found a better place and angels in the heavens…

  15. What a brave person he was, an inspiration for all. In your book, you have beautifully written his story. I was amazed to know his willpower and his wife’s love and care for him. Now she is in tremendous pain, may the Almighty keep her strong. When said, ” No, partner. God wants me to become stronger.” I felt a pain inside.

    Uncle, your poem is a beautiful tribute to him. May is soul rest in peace🙏🙏

  16. Thank you so much Christina. You would read about him in Pillars 2&3 😊

    Life has so many ways of teaching us, if we are open to it. As you learned from your childhood scars 👏

  17. Thank you so much Umi for your kind words.

    I had mentioned Jain’s story in 2 Pillars of my book – 4 Pillars of Abundant Life:
    Gratitude and Giving

  18. This post taught me how we start cribbing at the little problems that come our way and dont offer gratitude to the blessings we have been showered with and the people who at times we ignore and dont value untill they are gone only to become a memory ….
    Sincere condolences … and by the way it was touching the way you have paid a tribute to your friend….

  19. Thank you so much Binte Bashir for your insightful comments.

    Mrs. Jain has spent 44 years just looking after her husband. She won’t know what to do now. May God be with her.

  20. Definitely this post is a wonderful post for a wonderful friend who laughed in the face of adversity and endured the pain.

    There are only a handful of people who have this quality, who out shine the others and set an example. Kudos to his wife who spent her life day in and out just looking after him. I’m sure she is a strong women but of course it is now at all easy to bear the loss of a loved one.

    No words can console nor ease the pain you feel when you loose a friend.

    May Allah grant you and his patience to overcome the grief.

  21. Yes Ashok , all is well, have been a bit tite and am getting married soon, on the 27th April, so making me busy due to preparation.. but will be posting soon ..

    Thank you for asking 😊

  22. Thank you so much Diana. Such is life.

    His wife was or rather is equally brave. 44 years she has done nothing but serve him. They could endure because of their strong spiritual base.

    Please keep her in your prayers 💖🙏

  23. Touching poem and beautiful tribute. His positivity must have spread so much joy. He’s surely in a better place like you mentioned. Take care.

  24. Such a beautiful tribute to your friend. I know how much he would have meant to you. Sometimes we crib about the things in life which really don’t matter. We forget to enjoy ‘now’ and live in the moment. We all want more happiness… Success.. Money… Love. We forget we are enough. Life is full of harsh irony, isn’t it Ashok….
    Stay blessed and may Jain’s soul rest in peace. 🙏🙏❤️

  25. Yes, of course Ashok. I sure will and I can only imagain it is. She is so devoted and this was her calling. I can imagaine how tough it is on her. Prayers and Blessings heading to her as we speak! 💖🌷

  26. What a profound and beautiful tribute to your awesome friend, Jain. May his soul rest in eternal peace. When I read in your book, Ashok at that time I felt what an awesome soul was Jain. A brave and courageous man who even for so many years confined in bed had such a humble and loving countenance towards one and all and never complained. You get few souls like that.

  27. Touching lines, Ashok ji. A great tribute to the great soul. My heartfelt condolences 🙏

  28. Thank you so much Nivi.

    It is fine to take pleasure in small day to day things but we should have gratitude and forebearance.

  29. You’ve done a good decision to write this poem. People around us inspire us the most. Be strong.💐💐🙏

  30. Deeply touched. May his soul rest in peace. A brave warrior of his own. We still chase silly things and ignore what is important and what is needed. Time to figure out what exactly we want from this life and act accordingly 😇😇😇

  31. Hugs heal Miriam and I miss them too 😊🤗

    Idea is just to give a perspective to hold on and to have gratitude. There is no end to suffering.

    Thank you so much.

    Stay safe. Stay loved 🥰

  32. Ashok, your love and care for your friend Jain shines through. He carries his illness with
    fortitude and a positive spirit. A richness to have had in your life.

    As to the various longings expressed, could they just be longing for normal togetherness. I don’t know
    but isolation is a pain in itself. Personally I belong to a “bubble” of lovely people and have close conversations
    with people on the phone. Still, I would love to hug them. 🤗.


  33. 🙂 ❤ My friend Jack used to say that grief cannot be shared – I think he was right. It has one advantage: it allows us to savor life when it fades a little, when friends come, when "something else" happens

  34. Thank you so much Cindy. Please keep praying for his wife. It is toughest for her. The only thing she is used to is looking after him – 44 years 🙏🙏

  35. So sorry for your loss. Very beautiful and reflective words honouring your friend. May we view things with a grateful lens rather than be quick to complain.

  36. Such a beautiful tribute to your friend Ashok who asked for so little and gave so much inspite of his limitations. We should all take note to live like your friend SK Jain. Blessings of love to you and all he has loved. 💖💖

  37. Sorry to hear about your friend. People like him are always an inspiration.
    It is all about outlook. We can crib and be unhappy with what we don’t have, or be happy about what we have.

  38. We haven’t lost this great soul, heaven has just gained it’s bravest warrior! May he rest in peace
    This poem is so well written and the best way to wave him goodbye ✨

  39. Yes, Ashokji read about him and his zest for life and positive spirit despite his health challenges, in your book. May his soul rest in peace.
    Some people always have such a happy demeanor despite the gravity of challenge life throws at them. They are always an inspiration to many.

  40. So sorry for your loss Ashok 🙏. Beautiful reflective poem of your dear friend. Life is so precious. May he rest in peace. Stay safe & take care 🙏❤

  41. Thank you so much Ramesh. Aum Shanti

    Life is strange. We need wisdom and Jain was wise and humble.

    All the best my dear. I know it must be toughest for you outside the immediate family

  42. Ashok ji, after reading “4 Pillars Of Abundant Life” I feel as if I know your friend personally! Deep prayers for his departed soul…I am sure he is at a much better place in the company of God!💐

  43. We have lost a friend who will always remain within us. 10th Jan 1977 is the day when we both me & Jain met with that accident which changed his & our life forever. Every year on this date we met or talked without fail and celebrated the day that God was kind with his love and gave us a new lease of life.
    You know it all Ashok. I never saw him grumbling about his troubles anytime even after so much pain and agony he went through.
    God give him peace and strength to Madhu, Tonu & Kitoo to bear this loss.

  44. There are many who are keep on whining and complaining for every little thing, but there are few whose prayer is being grateful for everything, and Jain sahab was one of them.
    He liberated from all sufferings with his gratefulness.
    He is at better place now, where every moment is filled with utmost blessings.
    May rest in peace 💖

  45. Good tribute to your friend who suffered a lot. Sad to know his sudden demise… You have mentioned the story of him in your book which is indeed an inspiration and when compared to the current situation where most of us have to spend time in home and avoiding going out or doing hang out, this so called “pain” is just a piece of sand in a desert…

    Very well written… May his soul Rest in Peace.

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