Life is a Cocktail πŸ·πŸ·πŸ·

Oh yes, Life is a Cocktail. It has 3 ingredients. And the fun or the beauty or the tragedy is that you can’t say no to it. You got to drink it, whether you like it or not!! Three cheers to life🍷🍷🍷

Ingredient 1 — GOD’S PLAN

God, the Creator, has a plan for His creation and for His children. And is the first ingredient of the Cocktail, we call our life. Many saints and sages have talked of this and so have many philosophers and learned men through the ages. And I leave it to you to explore, expound or understand that. I too have my point of view on this and someday i might write more about it.

Ingredient 2 — Soul’s Agenda

I am told every soul comes to earth to learn and to grow. But most of times maya, ego or the illusion makes it forget its plan or its native nature and it gets entangled in the drama of life.

So our soul’s agenda gets mixed with God’s plan and the story of our life gets more complex.

Ingredient 3 — Karma

The third ingredient of the cocktail is our karma. That is our actions and choices of this life and of many past incarnations.

And this makes it a very heady cocktail. An irresistible cocktail. And this also makes our life extremely complex.

My take on life …

I think God, The Creator has written a huge and complex software programme. The first and the biggest of all codes πŸ˜‡ It has infinite variables and combinations.

This programme processes all our actions ( trillions of actions of billions of people, everyday) and balances these with a reaction (cause and effect). Next it factors in the soul’s agenda and writes the next chapter of the journey of our lives. And finally it looks at His plan for us and fine tunes the story.

And the fun begins 😊

When I realised all this 15-20 years back I thought to myself : I don’t know what is God’s plan for my life and I have no clue about my soul’s agenda. Whatever comes to me from my past, my karma I shall bear gladly. Let me do my best today and let go.

That is how my day to day, my practical spirituality developed. It is simple :

1. Non Judgment: How can we ever judge anyone or any situation? We have no clue about God’s plans and souls agendas.

2. Living in the Now: I can’t undo my past. I can’t do nothing about my future. The only thing I have in my hand is this moment. This NOW. Let me do my best and let go.

Do your best and let go my friend. He knows what He is doing and running the world is His Responsibility not yours or mine.

Keep it simple : Be joyous and spread joy. And enjoy the cocktail we call life πŸ˜ŠπŸ’•πŸ·




71 thoughts on “Life is a Cocktail πŸ·πŸ·πŸ·

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  1. Thank you so much my friend. It doesn’t really matter what our beliefs are! I think the only that matters is How We Act and What We Do! And congratulations!! I think you and your husband have figured it out pretty well πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  2. This is such a beautiful take on life and spirituality. My husband and I have different religious beliefs, I’m a Catholic and he believes in Old Norse (the religion of the Vikings). We always agree that no matter what your belief, the β€œGolden Rule” applies we just say β€œdon’t be an a**hole” lol. Thank you for sharing your belief!

  3. I am glad my words could communicate what i wanted to convey. Thank u so much for ur perspective and appreciation. Means a lot

  4. So very good to connect with you Megha. You have written life is not easy and it shouldn’t be. There is truth in that. But then we live in a world of duality. Opposites co-exist. There can’t be East without West and Up without Down. Pain without pleasure and Heat without Cold. That is the Law of Polarity.
    Life is Simple at one end of the pole. And very Complex at the other end of the pole πŸ˜‡

  5. Your perspective is an interesting one. I have another one for the topic you have written for. Do pay a visit.

  6. You have a good teacher.
    When you blame others, you have learned nothing.
    When you blame yourself you have learned more.
    When you blame none you have learned it all

  7. When you understand that you succeed or you learn, everything becomes easier. My yogi tea today said “give up on blame”. You can choose to stay here or you can dance in the rythm of life with a cocktail in your hand.

  8. I just typed a note into my phone to remember this. I know these thingsβ€”no judgement, living in the now, let me do my best and let goβ€”but I need the reminders. Thank you, Ashok!

  9. Life is a cocktail indeed and we should choose the ingredients very wisely I guess πŸ™‚ this is a great share dear Ashok and great way to approach life with what you have chosen!

  10. Thank you so much very much Elizabeth for your kind words. I am truly humbled πŸ™ and also happy that the post resonated with you.

  11. Ashok, I have finished Life is a cocktail, very poignant story from a visionary like yourself. Your words buried themselves in my heart; I feel as if I am living daily within the foundation you were building in this piece. I try to get to all of my followers to read their post. Keep writing, the world needs your words. E.

  12. Well said Ashok. God is indeed the perfect programmer. He never ceases in His work. He is devoted, tireless, and unselfish. Thanks be to God!

  13. Really Very nice!!
    We should live in present.. that is why it is called a present 🎁

  14. Thank you so much KJ. It doesn’t matter where the path leads to; as long as we do our best today and surrender to a Higher Power
    You are on the right path my dear
    Love and blessings

  15. Thank you so much for another great one. You make me think and I sincerely appreciate that. My mind wandered many directions as I read this. There was a time I did not believe there was a plan but as time progresses especially within this last year I have experienced things to make me question that. I have met people and experienced things that I truly feel I was meant to meet, do and learn. Learning about the spiritual world firsthand has been a strange and wonderful experience. The knowledge I have gained has set me on a path I feel I should have been on all my life. Yet where this path leads I have no clue.

  16. Thank you so much πŸ‘ Am a little tied up for a few days and shall respond after that πŸ˜ŠπŸ€—

  17. Wow! Life is a mixture of many flavours truly. πŸ’™πŸ’™ Really enjoyed and loved the read. Please do expand more on these topicsπŸ˜€

  18. Very nice Ashok! I especially like the point about living in the now. It’s so true the past is the past and if I worry over the future I’ll miss out on the NOW. Thanks πŸ˜ŠπŸ’šπŸŒΈ

  19. Thank you so much my wise and dear friend.
    I value your comments and equally look forward to your posts.

  20. Two points don’t make a wrong. Two points…live side by side together…Loving one another as they share.

    I just went back to an old site I used to follow, and…it talked about always needing to have the last word…and that it was [the implication was NOT nice at all]

    I’m sorry ashok. I really value your posts…they are so witty and wise, beautiful…kind; gentle.

    And things like this just fill me up, but I don’t mean to take up…all the light in a room.

    And…thank you for every thing you do. I hope someone comments after me. I do NOT want the last word…actually. I just want to…add points. I don’t want no last word…!!

  21. This explains the true meaning of life ❀
    Beautifully written 😊😊

  22. I want to propose something, and don’t you dare be made about it (sly coy grin).

    You said, β€œI can’t do nothing about my future.” So…if you speak in double negatives (which is very very useful when you REALLY want to make a point) end the sentence with as many exclamation points as number of negatives. In this case, Don’t and Nothing deserves two solid exclamation points!! See? I Used a double negative.


    Love in spirit, Ashok! Love in Spirit!!

    PS: For double positives same rule apply…just so you know (grin)

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