We are co-travellers

Traversing the same byways of life!

But we are wearing different shoes,

I don’t know your aches

You don’t know my pains!

Some of us are carrying huge burdens on our shoulders,

Of decades, nay lifetimes!

Of deprivation

Of abuse and neglect!

While some of us are

Overflowing with love

And with care!

Some of us have all the freedom

And live in plenitude,

Others are bound, bombed and bruised

And often go without a meal!

We are poles apart

As if aliens from afar!

And yet we are co-travellers

On this day and this path!

Who is justified in blaming whom

We are all seekers,

Seeking peace, joy and bliss!

And we keep walking

Despite our aching legs,

And pain in our hearts!

If we could but learn to walk

In other’s shoes at last,

We would become kinder

And more caring!

And shall soon watch

Our pains fade,

Our faces aglow and

Love shall fill all our hearts!!

Painting by my wife, Anita (1955-2011)
Another painting by Anita

Copyright ©

Please keep praying for India and the world 🙏

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Thank you so much for your love and support 👏

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  1. See, that’s the thing; you think you are writing it for yourself, but the impact it us on your readers is immense. Keep writing — to “yourself.” 🙂

  2. Am so glad it resonated with you Angela. Most of what I write is a reminder for myself only 😊🤗

    Thank you so much

  3. My goodness, Ashok, your words bring give new meaning to the phrase to walk in someone else’s shoes. Bravo and thank you for sharing. Sometimes we needed to be reminded about things.

  4. And destination – the supreme power!
    Your wife was a terrific painter, sir! I am blown of by the intricacies of the paintings! ❤️❤️

  5. Ashok, your poetry stirs up peace and love for the soul. Anita’s paintings highlight the honest harmony of life. Peace be with you and your nation.

  6. Yes Malaika – it saddens me too. I stopped watching TV and reading newspaper decades back. They are toxic.

    There is so much suffering all around that I couldn’t sleep a couple of nights ☺️

    We can only change ourselves. Let you and me be kind and caring. Running the world is His responsibility.

    Thank you so much!!

  7. Beautiful post sir, I often wonder it has even become difficult for people to sympathize leave alone empathize, we have all covered our hands in blood reading and acknowledging all the pain of this world with such a light carefree attitude. People taking pics of someone in distress ,posting it, all the media have hardened us all. Where is humanity going ?

  8. This is such an important lesson really Ashokji. It feels good to appreciate other people’s pains, but the only earnest way to do it might be to actually feel the pain. Anything else might be lip preaching.
    Beautiful poem Ashokji 💖
    Also the paintings by Anita ji, so strikingly beautiful!

  9. Very well penned …I believe everyone is carrying a burden along with them and many have a story to share out of which some are strong enough to share and some aren’t . So let’s be kind and stop judging people and be a little empathetic for that’s the least i believe we can do as humans …

  10. I could follow you from this link. Url here is so different from where you comment!
    From where I see your comment is Aanchalsp9315 🤔

    Do resolve it fast. Everyone may not take the trouble to go into details

  11. I am so glad this poem resonated with you Robin. Universe is kind to us all but looks like you are very receptive. Thank you so much.

    You do remain in my healing prayers and thoughts and God wiling all shall be well 🙏

    Oh yes Anita was so talented 💖🤗

  12. This is a very beautiful and realistic poem. You said the words which someone cannot disagree with. We all are living a same, just in a different way and with different ideologies.
    The painting here is too beautiful..

  13. That is so beautiful and just what I needed to hear. I am having a conflict with one of my colleagues and your poetry has reminded me that we are on different paths. I need to be gracious and walk in my colleagues shoes. And oh my Anita was an incredible painter!

  14. You’re most welcome. She got her wisdom and street smarts from her mom before her. My family has a long line of life-savvy women and I couldn’t be more grateful. Thank you for your kind words. ❤💫

  15. An art of painting has been paired with an art of writing. Isn’t it so wonderful to see the sharing of love & caring they have to the people they live along and among in the country or world?

    Her paintings are as beautiful as his writings = 💕 are together forever. 😇💖✌

  16. A wonderful piece of writing. We are all travellers on different roads with different experiences. I have been through some tough times but I do my best to move on and treat people nicely. Take care.

  17. I love this poem! It reminds me of something my mother told us kids a long time ago, “We’re all only visitors here on Earth!” How true! ❤

  18. Wow.. What a poem… so sweet… Liked these lines a lot…

    “I don’t know your aches

    You don’t know my pains! ”

    The paintings are beautiful…

  19. Thank you so much my young friend. New to me – The Ugly Shoes Club 😇

    Very wise words : it takes courage to walk in others shoes …

  20. Thank you so much Priyanka. I am touched that you could take out time to read and comment. I know how busy you are.

    Love and blessings

  21. Such a profound lines. If only we could understand each other’s pains, the world would have been a much better place. The painting is so beautiful. She was very talented indeed.

  22. This made think again of what some call ‘The Ugly Shoes club’. It takes courage when times are hard to want to change those shoes…

  23. Empathy always makes you a better person. Sometimes, you don’t have to even walk in someone’s shoe. A heart and imagination is all that’s needed.

  24. Yes my dear Neel. A little bit of compassion and kindness is all that we need.
    You remain in my healing prayers 🙏

    Thank you so much

  25. Thank you so much Isha. Am so glad it resonated with Isha the heavy dreamer and I hope she shares her posts more often 😊💖

  26. Amazing paintings!
    We are all parallel tracks towards the same destination. Everyone is fighting their own battles, just that we don’t get to know of them. So a little bit of Love, kindness and compassion towards all will go a long way.

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  28. The site says 2008 🤔
    Please do take care to set it up correctly, technically. Writing will happen. I couldn’t follow you as the site doesn’t open

  29. Still working on it. I am knew in this whole blogging thing. Not really sure how it works… But I am in a process of figuring it out

  30. So very put my teen friend. If you and I can change ourselves the world would change. There is always hope ..

    Thank you so much 🤗

  31. This is a wonderful reminder that, no matter where we’re from or what we’ve experienced, we’re all still human. I wish more people would understand this message and find compassion in their hearts for other people who they harm or oppress. I’ve been praying every night for India and other global injustices in the world. Hopefully we can one day all hold hands and face the future together rather than divided and apart.

  32. I love this poem. So true. Definitely praying for India. We also prayed for you in church on a Sunday.

  33. Yeah same here! I have opened wordpress after a long time. I have been thinking about writing something up here, Will send you soon 🙂

  34. Thank you so much Aayushi. It is sooo sweet of you to take the trouble of reading and commenting again.

    Love and blessings

  35. Thank you so much my friend with the beautiful mind. Of yes, we are in the same game or play but have different roles to play. We could also say that we are in the same school but different grades.

    And yes she was so talented 💖🤗

  36. Your poetry is filled with compassion… Thank you for sharing your heart and mind with us. Your beloved wife’s artistry is something to cherish always and resonates with the spirit you express so beautifully. 💞🙏✨

  37. You’ve written tha reality soo beautifully!! Just loved it and the paintings tooo🥰as i tend to practice both these are the works i can look up to☺️

  38. This post reminds me of a quote I have read somewhere ‘ We all are in the same game, just different levels. Dealing with the same hell, just different devils.’
    The painting are so beautiful. Your wife was a truly gifted and creative person.
    Thanks for sharing those with us.

  39. How beautiful and serene to read your words. And such gorgeous paintings by your wife! They look like a real photograph! ❤️❤️💐🙏

  40. Excellent….also wanted to write something similar in my blog …..but couldn’t. You nailed it bro….in this poem… told a lot in a simple way …super…..YBR

  41. That was such a masterpiece Ashok so full of compassion and full of truth and love. What a gift to see your beautiful wife Anita’s paintings❣️💖

  42. “Just as there are different ways to earn money,
    there are different ways to attain our gools on different paths,
    but in the end there are only two roads,
    one leading to heaven, other leading to hell”
    _-Van Prince

  43. Yes. Prayers of compassion and gratitude for all that comes our way—that we may humble ourselves, forgive one another and learn how to truly live in loving kindness. 💓

  44. I don’t know your aches
    You don’t know my pains!
    Some of us are carrying huge burdens on our shoulders,
    Of decades, nay lifetimes!
    Of deprivation
    Of abuse and neglect!
    While some of us are
    Overflowing with love
    And with care!
    Some of us have all the freedom
    And live in plenitude,

    Amazing lines💕💕💕💕

  45. yeah… lets cultivate the plant of ’empathy’… we all need it.. thank you for sharing such a beautiful piece of your heart.

  46. Thank you for sharing so much love and wisdom, Ashok. 🙏🏻😊 at this moment, sitting quietly, opening my heart, offering prayers for beloved India and all the world’s suffering.

  47. So so powerful and beautiful, I can feel the energy flowing through this poem, love it so much. And the paintings are immaculate 🥺💛☀️

  48. Excellent post and sentiment:

    “The road that is built in hope is more pleasant to the traveler than the road built in despair, even though they both lead to the same destination.”

    Marion Zimmer Bradley, “The Fall of Atlantis”

  49. She had fine arts in her BA and she did her masters in music 🎶

    She used to teach music and painting when we were in delhi

  50. Thank you so much Cheryl. I am so glad this helped you start your day well 😊🌹

    So far so good Cheryl with His grace. Have a joyous day!

  51. The paintings are awesome and so captivating by Anita. Profound and inspiring poem, Ashok. We are all co-travellers, traveling to One Destination but all going in separate trains until we merge with our Divine. So true getting into other peoples shoes and being loving, kind and compassionate with each and everyone. Thank you so much.

  52. Beautiful paintings by Anjta ji😮 and apt words of yours😇
    Was this her hobby?

  53. Whether in writing or our profession – we need to be true to ourselves isn’t it Rabbia? If we are authentic we shall always be good.

    May God be with you in all that you do and give you abundant life


  55. Certainly, peace and meditations are the basis of great writings.👌🏻💯
    Thank you so much , this advice will surely help me in my way of writings.☺

  56. I had thought so 😅

    But my strength is bliss and joy and peace of meditation my dear and you yourself write pretty well.

    I am always happy to share whatever I know and whatever I have😊

  57. We are all seekers,
    Seeking peace, joy and bliss!
    Every word is amazing..👌🏻💖
    May i ask for some tips for beginners like me ?

  58. Nice poetry with a beautiful painting👏🏻👏🏻.
    Yeah, we all are the same somehow with different cultures, tongue, notions, core structure but somewhere we all are from the same father

  59. More than hard work it is work with love for me 😊💖

    Without His grace no amount of work can fruitily 😊

  60. Thank you so much Salman for your kind and wise words. Ameen – Allah may ease our pains and give us wisdom 🙏

  61. Like a beautiful painting
    A work of many colours
    But herald the beauty of uniqueness
    We are to go hand in hand
    Like colours on canvas
    So this world may become
    The beautiful painting

  62. The situation is really painful. May Allah ease this burden on us and bestow mercy upon everyone!
    At last humanity can only win when we will have a beautiful empathy in us. We will judge less and improve what we are lacking. Walking in others shoes is really not easy, what they suffer or what they have been through, only Allah is the witness and He is the absolute judge Who is going to inform everyone of their doings. True! We are all seekers in our life. We are all wayfarers just travelling this space and time till our final destination will be near. May Allah rear our heart with compassion and kindness! Your words are so moving and beautiful.

  63. Doesn’t the painting remind you of one of Stuart’s pics 😊💖 Yes, she was so talented and creative

    Thank you so much Lynette.

  64. 👌👌👌
    Great work with great painting 🎨
    Every one in this world is a traveller and we don’t know how hard someone else life is, we should try and understand about other’s situation, and if we are unable to do that then we must not judge them ☺️

  65. That is a beautiful poem, Ashok. Well said. If more of us stopped to think of what others have to endure, the world would be a much better place.
    Anita’s paintings are lovely- she was very talented. 🌸

  66. That’s so sweet and kind of you to say that uncle, you are yourself an epitome of kindness and love💖💝💕 Oh, she must have been🥰❣️
    We should indeed. 💝

  67. It is you who has a beautiful and kind heart Samreen. Thank you so much

    Yes auntie was most talented and creative and loving 🥰

    Let us keep spreading love and cheer in these very challenging times all over the world

    Stay safe. Stay loved 🥰

  68. Such a beautiful piece of work Uncle 💖💖💖it’s always that we find our own selves suffering more than others while there are thousands of others suffering much more, fighting their own battles, you would never know.
    It’s so ironical that when we get plentiful happiness, then never do we try and ponder what others might be going through.
    It’s only if we tend to put ourselves in others shoes, we would realise how blessed we are.
    And that painting, oh that’s so beautiful, I didn’t know Aunty was such a talented painter as well. ❤️🤗❤️

  69. Ace loves Anita and that is so sweet. Thank you so much my dear dear friend. You are so sweet and kind.

    Anita was truly creative and talented – just like you Ace 💖🤗

    Thank you so much once again for such kind words 💖🤗💖

  70. True🙏humanity is recognizing the humanity in others,you know, being kind to others coz we all just journeying through life ,i love the paintings

  71. Ashok, this piece is just amazing!!!! I love it soooooooo much!!! Has to be one of my favorites of yours!! Your wife’s spirit is so alive in this piece, I can feel her loving energy and heart as I read your beautiful words and marvel at her paintings! You guys are an immortal team, always and no matter what. Thank you for sharing this motivating and powerful piece, you’re amazing and a true blessing!!! 🖤🤗

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