She has begun to Heal

She was crying

And we heard her not,

She was saying

That she was hurting;

But we were deaf

To her calls!

She was burnt,

And she was beaten,

She was raped

And she was cut;

But we kept

Beating our drums,

And kept dancing

On Her breast;

Without missing a single step,

And a single beat of

Our hearts!

But the Divine Mother,

That she is,

She still kept loving us;

She kept

Shedding tears for us!

And She kept pleading on our behalf:

Forgive them Father,

For they are your children;

However ignorant and lost!

Our Heavenly Father,

Who is both:

Wisdom and Law;

He shed tears for us too;

But how could He violate

His own formed Laws!

He does love us,

But His love for Her,

Is equally vast and deep!

Both have forgiven us

And She has

Begun to Heal!

I can see it in Her eyes,

I can see it in Her smiles,

Hidden in the clouds and the sun beams!

I can smell her

Fragrant breath,

And I can hear

Her sigh of relief;

She just had her rain bath,

And is blissful in her glee!


We have learned

Our lessons;

And shall be more aware,

In the years to come;

Of Her feelings and Her needs!

And these are

Just like ours;

A little more respect,

A little more care;

And much more love;

That is all She needs.

Above Pic from Whatsapp

All above pics from our terrace on my iPhone

Copyright Β© Ashok Wahi

United in Fear

Am so happy

To see us all

Standing United!

Families and Friends,

Communities and Nations,

Of the World

At large!

Yes, I am happy

At the same time sad;

That we stand


And shall soon scatter

And depart!

So sad but true

Just wait and watch;

For we have more Fear

And much less

Faith and Love

In our Hearts!

A day will come

Maybe in times

Distant and far;

When we shall


But never again

Scatter and Depart !

For then we

Shall be together,

Once again;

Not in Fear but LOVE,

For One and ALL!

COPYRIGHT Β© Ashokwahi

I am Praying

I am Praying

For that is the Highest I can do!

I am praying for the ones

Suffering from the virus,

And I am praying

For all scary souls

Thoroughly bewildered

And completely lost!

I am praying for

The Doctors and the Nurses,

And am praying for all

The Helping Hands;

Who are working tirelessly

In all the lands!

I am praying

For the Destitute,

The Homeless,

The daily Wage Earners

And for all,

Who are Marginalised!

I am praying More for

Ones suffering from

The greatest virus of all,


Which has paralysed

Our Intellects and

Power of Thought!

And I am praying Utmost

For Leaders of the World,

Business and the State;

They need much more

Wisdom, Compassion and Strength

To work for the Highest Good of all!!

So let us PRAY

And strengthen our FAITH

For that is HIGHEST

We can do,

Every minute and

Every hour of the day!!!

COPYRIGHT Β© Ashok Wahi 2020

PS: I learned this great lesson from our Swami Shraddhanandaji, a very senior monk of Yogoda Satsanga Society of India and Self Realisation Fellowship founded by Paramahansa Yogananda more than a century ago.

We shouldn’t say: The only thing I can do is pray. It is the best, it is the highest we can do. And yes we can and should give any other help and assistance we can give.

I had the honour and the privilege to be with him for a few days, earlier this month, and I learned so much.

Please do check out the Home Study Lessons of Paramahansa Yogananda, at SRF and YSS websites. These cover everything we need to take care of our body, mind and soul, in all times, and specially at testing times like these.

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She has begun to Heal

Why Corona Why

Dear Corona,

Why have you come

Whence have you come

When would you go

Whither would you go

Are there other planets

And dimensions that you roam?

Corona, O mighty Corona

Do tell us all that you know!

O yee humans

I am a tiny little virus

What would I know

That you already don’t!

Yet however small and however little

I am part of the One Big Whole!

I shall do my bit and leave

As others before me have

I know it and accept it

I don’t have grand dreams!

But yee mighty humans

Who are blessed

With such INTELLECT and


Why do you kill?

Oh why, humans, why

do you suppress

And subjugate

Your very own

Is there no end

To your greed?

Like me you too shall leave

You too shall have to go back

Like others before you

But you still don’t learn

And you still don’t see

That you too are a nothing

Just like me!

O humans, wake up

Wake up before you

Are smothered and vanquished

Just like me and the likes of me!

Kill me if you would

But don’t hate me

For: Hate consumes the Hater

And not the one hated.

How many vaccines

Would you make

How many remedies

Would you use

Mightier viruses would come

And shall keep coming too

Till you learn …

Till you learn

To become more humane

Till you learn

To become more kind,

And till you learn

Oh yes, till you learn

To conquer your very own


For I am not your enemy

It is within you

And it is your EGO


And not the tiny me!!

Let go of your Ego

And let go of your Pride

Bow down with Humility

Then you shall learn

That there is no separation

We are all ONE – LOVE


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Copyright Β© Ashok Wahi

Virus O’ Virus

Virus O’ Virus

O Corona Virus

You are so tiny!

And you are a pigmy

Compared to the likes

Of Ebolas of the past!!

And yet you

Have become

The most talked about

And scariest virus of all!

Oh how powerful

You must be feeling

Hearing how invincible

You are!

I hope you are grateful

To the media

For glorifying and magnifying

The few microns that you are!!

Take my advice

Gracefully bow to the

Publicity wide and far!

And quickly withdraw;

Just like your arrival

So sudden and so fast!!

Copyright Β© Ashok Wahi

Pic of the isolated virus from a Whatsapp forward

We know so little

It is so easy to find fault

It is so difficult to do!

It is easy to see what is wrong

It is difficult to do what is right!

When we say how stupid

It is we who lack wisdom!

To see beyond the seeming

And perceive the Truth!

Alas! We know so little

And we judge too quickly ☺️

Copyright Β© Ashok Wahi 2020

Golden Nostalgia

PEC 2020 – how awesome to meet so many friends after 50 years! Last week we had our Global Alumni meet in City Beautiful – Chandigarh, India

Fat, thin, bald, grey …,Some of us were recognisable – and others not πŸ˜‚ But there was such bonhomie, love and laughter πŸ’–πŸ˜‚πŸ’–

What is it that draws people from hundreds, nay thousands of miles to meet old friends and connect with their Alma Mater, in our case Punjab Engineering College, Chandigarh?

Friends, the most important pillar of long, happy and healthy lives πŸ˜ŠπŸ’•πŸ˜Š and Gratitude

Amidst us were : Army and Air Force generals and marshals , heads of institutes, business tycoons, philanthropists. One felt proud and at the same time humbled.

And so good to connect with their spouses too πŸ’ƒπŸ»πŸ˜ŠπŸ’ƒπŸ»

I wrote a couple of days back : One good book is better than hundred friends, and one good friend is a library. And here we were amidst hundreds of books and hundreds of friends πŸ“– πŸ“š πŸ‘¬πŸ‘«

Punjab Engineering College welcomed with open arms, Mr. Bikram Singh Garewal, the college’s oldest alumnus. Having graduated in 1943, this imminent personality is a mighty 97-year-old humble man who achieved great feats in life. He served as the Chief Engineer of Patiala from 1971 till his retirement in 1981. Originating from Lahore, he was more than happy to celebrate his birthday today amongst his juniors of various generations in the college where he studied as a young boy.

This college was established in 1921 in Lahore, now Pakistan and next year it would be its centenary. I was so happy when the Director of the institute, in his address said that next year we should attempt to have a truly global meet, where alumni from Pakistan can join too, maybe in a neutral country. Shall look forward to that.

Chandigarh has a very special place in my heart. Not only I grew up here, I got married here too πŸ’•πŸ’– I still have two older sisters living here. So it was a Home Coming for me in more ways than one!

Talking of alma maters there is no way I can ever forget DAV School Chandigarh and principal Hari Ram. I did my high school here from 1962-65. There were so many dedicated teachers under the stewardship of principal Hari Ram. Their breed is rarely heard off in these times; dedicated and selfless. Principal Hari Ram : An educationist par excellence πŸ™


Above Mr. Bikram Singh Garewal flanked by PEC Director and Dean

Director, Dean and the students – Organisers

Night filled with fun and food…..

The distinguished Alumni

A few pics on display by our talented batchmates.

Our batch heroes with the director

Copyright Β© Ashok Wahi

Falling Leaves 🍁

Winter is yet to say bye

Spring isn’t saying hi

But leaves are falling all around

Is it autumn’s hi?

If trees start to worry

About the fallen leaves

How shall

Fresh blossoms bloom?

Falling leaves are His blessing

Sunshine warms the heart

Beauty in His own handwriting

Heavenly and sublime

Life is beautiful and divine

Fallen leaves or

Blossoms fresh

Adding different hues to its charm

Pics on my iPhone

Copyright Β© Ashok Wahi

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