God is all there is

I too am He

But I am only He

When I am not me.

I am the wave

And I am the sea

That yon Lake

And the mountain.

And you

Yes you too

Are Him.

There is only One

And that One

Is He

In you and in me.

There is no


One Love

One Joy

One Peace

One Bliss

One Spirit

One Consciousness


Aum Amen Ameen πŸ™

I need your Blessings

My dear friends – I need your understanding, forgiveness and blessings.

For the next 5-6 weeks I shall be tied up with some organisational work and writing my first ever book. Though I will remain active I may not have the bandwidth to read all the posts and acknowledge all the comments etc. But am sure you know that I love you and that I honour and respect your friendship.

I shall make up for all/any non communication from end of August πŸ˜ŠπŸ€—

But if there is any good or happy news to share; or you need my prayers for any challenges- do let me know. I will appreciate this.

All the very best. Happy blogging.

Love and Light πŸ’•


Naseem is no more πŸ˜Œi

Yes, Naseem is no more. She was young and beautiful and she breathed her last early morning today πŸ˜ŒπŸ™

I had met her more than 20 years back and loved her on first sight. Sweet little girl with a beautiful smile 😍 Her mother used to give rides to children on a small merry go round, near the park where I used to go for my walks in Mumbai. That was in late 90s. During my talks with her I realised that she was from a decent family but her husband had to leave his work after a heart attack. She had to start some work to feed the family. One day Naseem had come to meet her and I met her that day for the first time. At that time she must have been around 12-13. Such a sweet girl. Loved her.

I started to take more interest in their lives and helped the girls to go through beautician courses. Fatima, the eldest sister, and Naseem became good at this but other sisters eventually did other work. In India, the not so educated Muslim families don’t worry so much about their daughters education. Their brother finished his graduation and got a good job. Sisters too were working. With God’s Grace I was able to help the father start a tailoring shop. And all was going well once again for them.
Their life story of past 20-25 years so vividly confirms my post: Cyclicity of Life Good times, bad times, good times and very bad timesπŸ˜ŒπŸ™
We came from entirely different backgrounds, social status and religion. And yet there was so much love. Interestingly all the children, as well as the parents call me uncle😊. There are no barriers, no hurdles, no distances, no cast, colour or creed in Friendship; in Love.
Two years back I had gone to Mumbai, when I had heard about Naseem’s sickness, and had taken her to my doctor. Doctor confirmed that the treatment Naseem was undergoing was right. I was relieved but knew that there was only one cure for her disease – prayer πŸ™ Last month I had gone to meet her. Father too is not so well again. Last week Naseem had to be admitted in the hospital. And I was intending to visit her later this week (Am tied up with some organisational work till tomorrow)
But such is life. We know so little!!
In a way I am relieved. Naseem’s suffering is over. She is in very kind and loving Hands now. May God give her family strength and wisdom to deal with her absence. I loved all the children but I was always more fond of Naseem. Have been praying for her during every morning and evening meditation for months.
You will read this and pray for her and get on with your next post and life and forget Naseem. I too will do the same, but may take a little longer. Her family will take longer than me 😌

All of us will forget Naseem. All of us will stop thinking about death. Sad or happy we will continue with our lives.

Was there any meaning to Naseem’s life? Is there any meaning to any of our lives?
Why are you so worried about your job? Your holiday? The grades of your child? Your result? The new car? YOU ARE ALIVE AND NASEEM IS DEAD!! WHY AREN’T YOU GRATEFUL?
It is so amazing that I have been meaning to write about death and life for the past few days. On Thursday I had gone to attend a Spiritual discourse and heard a recording of Dada Vaswani on death. He was the Spiritual Head of the Sindhi community in India and was revered all over the world as a saintly person. I had the pleasure and the privilege of meeting him 3 years back – the only saint I have ever met – a picture of humility and love. That was on Thursday.
On Friday I was to lead the meditation at our center and the reading I chose, incidentally, was Paramahansa Yogananda talking about death!!

During the last month I had written about Life :

All the three are my truths and my experiences of life. And I would like to conclude the topic with today’s post … not that one can ever stop talking about life πŸ˜‡


Most of us live, as if we shall never die. Most of us die as if we never lived.

Life is absolutely UNCERTAIN. We have no clue what tomorrow may bring. But one thing is absolutely CERTAIN :
Dada Vaswani explained it beautifully. He asked us to meditate on death. And to do it often. And we will realise that it is an illusion. Like I had mentioned in my posts that life is the grandest illusion; so is death. But we are scared of it and we don’t want to think about it. And we don’t want to talk about it. But believe me my dear friend that once you make friends with death you will never be afraid of it. And the quality of your life will grow manifold.
Dada Vaswani gave some practical tips to strengthen our friendship with death :

  1. Establish personal relationship with a god, God or a godly person. A person who is filled with love and devotion. For me it is my Guru, Paramahansa Yogananda, for you it may Krishna, Christ, Buddha, Prophet Mohammad, Mahavira, Zarathushtra….
  2. Rejoice in everything that comes to you. Everything comes from Him.
  3. Be a blessing to others.
  4. The god you worship or the godly person you revere shall be there to receive you when you cross over. He will greet you with love and with a smile and shall ask you just one question: What did you do with your life my child?
  5. Get detached from everything. Use things but don’t get too attached with them. Love people but don’t get too attached with them too. It is these attachments that come in your life as ghosts. They never leave you.
  6. Reduce your desires. Make your life simple.

Dada said Death is simply a Bridge : between the physical and the astral world.

Paramahansa Yogananda says something very similar : he says that our body passes from the dream of physical to the dream astral world. And saint and sinner alike spend some time in the astral world, depending on their karma. And after spending sometime there our unfulfilled desires and strong attachments again force us to come back to the physical plane.

The point my dear friend is : whether you believe in reincarnation or not; whether your belief or your religion is against it or pro; you are going to die and so am I. Death remains the only certainty in this uncertain world. SO :



Today is the only day that was promised to you.

PLEASE DO NOT WASTE IT : whining, crying, lamenting, blaming, defending, justifying….

SPEND IT : Loving, caring, being happy and spreading happiness and cheer. And when the call comes you will be amply ready…for


Aum Peace Amen Ameen πŸ™

More Liebster and Sunshine awards πŸ’•

Awards season continues πŸ˜ŠπŸ’•

Thank you so much James for your nomination. It was such a pleasant surprise, James (Myplace3187) to get this nomination from you. James is an author and a great story teller. He also writes beautifully on music. Do visit his blog for some great and imaginative writing.

What goes around comes back. Am so glad to receive two nominations from Saba, my dearest niece. She is so God loving; it reflects in all her posts. And she loves her country and family equally. And I love her for that. But what I love most about her is the way she engages with all bloggers. She always has kind and appropriate words to say about everyone.

I would encourage all to visit James and Saba’s blogs and engage with them. You won’t be disappointed.

I am reminded of a saying of my Guru, Paramahansa Yogananda: When perfect friendship exists between two hearts or within a group of hearts in a spiritual relationship, such friendship perfects each individual.

I hope and pray that the effort we put into blogging brings us all closer together in God, in Love, in Peace and towards His perfection πŸ’•πŸ™

Rules are:

  1. Thank the Blogger(s) who nominated you.

2. Share 11 facts about yourself.

3. Answer the 11 Questions the blogger asked you.

4. Nominate 11 Bloggers and make them happy.

5. Make up 11 questions and ask them of your nominees.

6. Notify your 11 nominees in one of their blogs.

As I had recently done all this I am only answering questions of Saba and James just now. I would really love it if anyone of you would accept this as an award and tell us 11 things about yourself and answer either Saba’s or James 11 questions.

Saba’s questions:

1: Does fear thrive within us or we adopt from our surroundings?

Both. Some fear is inherent in our nature. All of us have it to some degree. Our surroundings, our environment adds to it or reduces it.

2: Why do we worry when we believe in God?

No true believer can ever worry. Fear and Faith can’t co-exist.

3: Is Altruism self-learned or just a condition of helping others in particular situations?

It is self learned like any other soul and heart quality. When we help others in a particular situation, our selflessness grows.

4: Can words reveal your personality?

To some extent, Yes. But Actions speak louder than words.

5: Where do you see me by the mirror of the words I use?

Love, Laughter and Compassion ( no anger πŸ˜‚)

6: Last time you watched a cartoon?

Many months back 😌

7: Pain killers or natural therapies?

Natural. I am a Happy Fruitarian 😊

8: Do you know what is the object I’ve used as an award logo?

Looks like an ornate ashtray, as I can see cigarette holder grooves.

9: Do you smoke? (if yes, then why)

No, I don’t smoke. My wife used to tell me that she loves cigarette smell and if I was a smoker she would have surely started to smoke too 😊

10: How many springs of life you have seen?

71 🌹

11: You may ask me one question?

Have you ever loved? Crush ? And I don’t mean God and your Ammi etc πŸ˜ŠπŸ’•

James questions:

1.Your favorite novel ? Why ?

Of Human Bondage by Somerset Maugham. I could see myself in Philip.

2.Your favorite movie of all times ?

Tough one. I can name a dozen each from Hollywood and Bollywood!!

Sahib Biwi aur Gulam

3.Why do you enjoy writing your blog ?

I always liked reading and talking to people about my life experiences. But now I have started to like to write my blog as it connects me with different people and I learn from them. and I am able to collect my thoughts in one place for my intended book.

4.If you could give one piece of advice to the world to hear. What would it be ?

Love. Love unconditionally

5.What would your dream occupation be ? Am living it. Love. Travel. Meditate

6.Do you have any goals for your blog for the rest of 2019 ? I have been blogging now for close to five months. I want now to focus on converting these into a book and come back to active blogging after a month or so. Two books this year. God willing πŸ™

7.What is your favorite catch phrase/thing to say ? The key is .. 😊

8.What is your favorite meal ?

Indian as well as Continental breakfast. With a hot cup of Darjeeling leaf tea seeped for 4 minutes β˜•οΈ

9.Who inspires you and why ?

Paramahansa Yogananda. His life and perfect teaching. His love for the whole of humanity and his teaching of oneness in spirit.

10.What’s the last book you read and how was it ?

God Talks with Arjuna. Paramahansa Yogananda’s commentary on Geeta. Simply divine β€οΈπŸ™

11.Bollywood or Hollywood ?

Hollywood movies and Bollywood songs πŸ˜‚

Happy Blogging: Love you all πŸ€—

Every now and then ….

You will have good days

You will have bad days

It’s an awful day

I am overwhelmed days

I am so tired days

I love you days

I hate myself days

Ugly days

Am fed up days

I can’t go on days

Still you show up


Knowing deep within you

That this too shall pass ….

Life is a REALITY SHOW….

  • Oh yes, Life is just a Reality Show. It is a play, a movie, an act … whatever … but it is not real. It is THE BIGGEST REALITY SHOW ever made. It could also be called THE GRANDEST ILLUSION πŸ˜‡
  • I had talked about the software of God which creates our life story in Life is a Cocktail 🍷🍷🍷 That is the plot or the story of the interactive reality show, we call life.
  • At some time or the other all of us have felt the unreality of life. The holiday we took a couple of years back looks like a dream. That surprise meeting with the person of your dreams; did it really happen? Does not the utter unreality and at times the utter uselessness of all action strike all of us at some time or the other?

    We do keep getting glimpses of this play but are too scared to probe it further. We get scared of what life will be like if the life as we knew it is not real! The fear of the unknown keeps us trapped in this endless drama, this never ending cycle of pain and suffering; with some happiness and pleasure thrown in to keep the act going.

    You may like to read my views on life/God also on : Infinitude of God and My Love-Hate relationship with USA; Infinitude of God-2

    There is no way this ever expanding universe can be real. It is a creation of our thoughts …

    Truman Show:

    This was a Jim Carey movie and is the story of an insurance salesman, who discovers his entire life is actually a television show and that even members of his family are mere actors!!

    I saw this movie more than two decades back and it resonated so well with my thoughts. I loved it. What a concept! The whole city was a set for this life long reality show. At one stage Truman (JC) finds out about the show and tries to escape but is unsuccessful. He then confronts the director, who tells him about his dream about this immense reality show. The whole world is glued to their TVs to see what will Truman do the next day.

    He opens his front door as usual, comes out and says Good Morninggggg 😊😊

    Last couple of years I was regularly going to my old apartment for its renovation. In that condo I had an older neighbour, who wasn’t so well. He used to come out in a wheel chair and sit in the sun in the drive way in the winter mornings. Every time I passed by him I would stop my car, roll down the glass and say good morning Mr. M😊 And he will ask me how was my son and bless me. It kept on going on for months. One day it stuck me that I am doing exactly like Truman 😊 Not only me, my neighbour too 😊 Both of us were part of the Reality Show!! Next day when I crossed him I made it a point to come out of the car and shook hands with him!! I see this play being enacted all around me so very often. In the malls, on the roads .. everywhere.

    Life my friend, is a reality show only. I have no doubt in my mind. It is not real. But it is so well made that it looks very real. Oh the reality of unreality!!

    Life is like a Movie

    Life could also be compared to a movie. We know movies aren’t real. Movies are movies 😊 But someone has produced it, directed it; edited it and we are watching it. In a way it is real. Life, like a movie, is real and unreal at the same time.

    And also it is a Work in Progress and a Finished Product at the same time. Your computer, tablet or mobile whatever you are using just now is solid. It is a finished product. But the moment you watch its inner structure: there are millions and billions of electrons and protons running around like mad. For them they are a work in progress. But for you it is a finished, solid product. Life is always a perspective. Finished or a WIP – depends on where are you looking from.

    Same is true for our lives : We are a work in progress. Life events are happening and shall keep happening. At the same time whatever has to happen has already happened. It wouldn’t have happened, it couldn’t have happened if the Cosmic Creator Director hadn’t already created it in His thoughts. We are a finished product or WIP – All a perspective. Never real.

    Or as Neale Donald Walsch wrote in Conversations with God : Life is like a CD Rom. Everything has happened πŸ˜‡ Depends which track are we watching!!

    All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players: they have their exits and their entrances; and one man in his time plays many parts, his acts being seven ages.

    William Shakespeare

     If we start to become aware of this play, this drama, we start enjoying it. Worry and tension go out and we get filled with joy and laughter.

     Ultimately good or bad; hero or villain, rich or poor, beautiful or ugly… is all maya, an illusion, a play ….never real…..

     Guruji, Paramahansa Yogananda had said,” When you die, you are going to say; Thank God it was a dream!” Same as we get up from a bad dream and say : Thank God it was a dream!!

    “It doesn’t matter whether we scrub floors, or whether we are leaders of great nations; unless we know that we are merely playing a part on the stage of time, we will suffer from the dualities inherent in the consciousness of being identified with these different stations and conditions. Stage actors do not bemoan their particular parts, but enact their roles to the best of their ability, knowing they are temporary portrayals. Do you see? It is only when we take life too seriously that we suffer.” Paramahansa Yogananda

    So many times I think I should walk away from all this : this dream, this show, this endless drama of life; and then I get up in the morning and say :


    And the show goes on ….

    Liebster Award

    Thank you so much Dawn and Beth for these nominations (As both the nominations came very close to each other, I am responding together; but shall answer questions from both 😊)

    Dawn I love and admire your love and reverence for God and Jesus Christ. May you keep spreading and inspiring more of humanity to understand and follow : God first πŸ˜Šβ€οΈπŸ™

    Beth I love your view on life : Creating great life of positivity out of negativity and toxicity. Absolutely amazing.

    Would whole heartfelt recommend all to visit their blogs πŸ’•

    The Rules are:

    1. Thank the blogger(s) who nominated you.

    2. Share 11 facts about yourself.

    3. Answer the 11 questions the blogger(s) asked you.

    4. Nominate 11 bloggers and make them happy!!

    5. Make up to 11 questions and ask them to your nominees!

    6. Notify your 11 nominees.


    11 Things about myself:

    1. Born on the 11th I am 70 years young😊 and I live in Pune, India
    2. I love life
    3. I love people
    4. I love God; and my God is Love and Kindness and Compassion and Nature.
    5. I love to travel. I can travel thousands of miles to meet people I love
    6. I enjoy meditation. I meditate 3-4 hours everyday
    7. I am vegetarian ( fruitarian 😊) and almost a vegan πŸ˜‚
    8. I neither read news paper nor watch TV ( both are filled with negativity)
    9. I am the happiest if I can be of any service to anyone.
    10. I believe that we are all One. I believe in Interdependent Co-Existence. Living a Mindful life.
    11. When I started my spiritual journey I was very serious. But luckily I realised very soon that if we take life very seriously; it sucks. And that God is Bliss. So I made a decision to be happy always 😊😊

    Dawn’s Questions to the me:

    1. Who would you want to have dinner with and why?

    Would always love to dine with people I love. Because my time is precious.

    2. What inspired you to start writing a blog?

    My son forced me into it 😊 and am thankful for that.

    3. How would you describe yourself in one sentence?

    I am a happy and kind person.

    4. What is an important lesson you’ve learned in life?

    Time is the most precious thing I possess.

    5. What is your favorite food?

    Oh there are so many πŸ˜‚ I like to try all cuisines. Right now in monsoon : a hot cup of brewed Darjeeling leaf tea and pakoras (it is a fried snack from Indian sub-continent)

    6. What is your favorite memory?

    Soooo Many 😊 …. Floating paper boats in water streams after rains – as a child πŸ’•

    7. What is your favorite color and why?

    Blue for Peace and Red for Energy. White for Purity.

    8. Do you have a role-model? If so, who is it?

    Have had different role models all my life. Specially during my work life.

    Now : My Guru : Paramahansa Yogananda

    9. With whom do you enjoy spending time?

    Everyone I love πŸ’• and that includes myself 😊

    10. Do you prefer cold or hot weather?

    Cold. Luckily in India cold is pleasant 😊

    Beth’s 11 questions for her nominees:

    Favorite book?

    Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramahansa Yogananda

    On a scale of 1-10 how would you rate your health?

    9 (for my age😊)

    Favorite motivational speaker?

    Hardly listen to any one now ( stopped it many years back).

    Do you meditate?

    Yes. That is the most important act of my day. Haven’t missed even one, morning and evening, meditation for the last 15 years.

    Favorite game?

    Used to be cricket. Now it is Tennis/Soccer

    Favorite food?

    What my mother used to cookπŸ’•

    Favorite place?

    Wherever there is love πŸ’•

    Favorite song?

    It is a devotional Hindi song from a 1952 movie, Baiju Bawra : Man tarpat Hari Darshan ko aaj (Rough translation is : My Heart is yearning to see my beloved God today …). When I used to listen to this song on the radio (when I was a student in 60s) I would get goose pimples and my heart would stop beating πŸ’•πŸ™

    Favorite season?


    Favorite hobby?

    Over a period of time these have been changing : Reading, Movies, Sports

    Now travel and nature and blogging 😊

    Morning person or night owl

    Have always been a morning person.

    I nominate the following bloggers:

    Saba :

    Roy Lando:

    Ian :

    Lillian :

    llona :

    Betul :


    Saania :


    Simon :

    Bogdan :

    Priya :

    Flor : (I couldn’t get the URL of your blog)

    All the nominees are great bloggers and I would encourage everyone to visit their blogs.

    And my questions are:?

    1. Do you have more faith in your own ability or God?
    2. Do you like the security of a job or freedom and creativity of an entrepreneur?
    3. Are you more of an indoor or outdoor person?
    4. What is your favourite pastime?
    5. Are you a spendthrift or the saving kind?
    6. What do you like more, reading or writing?
    7. Do you think we are doomed?
    8. Who do you love more : children or pets?
    9. If you were left alone in a house without internet connectivity, how long do you think, you will last?
    10. Are you a balanced person? If not, what is the imbalance about?
    11. What would you choose: the promise of a simple healthy life v/s lots of money, with health challenges?

    Love and Peace πŸ’•

    Blogger Recognition Award

    Thank you so much Jyoti for remembering me and am sure you will forgive me for the delayed response πŸ‘πŸ˜Š

    It has been such a pleasure knowing you Jyoti. You are so young (almost my grand daughters age😊) and yet filled with love and joy. And you engage so beautifully with all.

    I always look forward to seeing your posts and would encourage all to do so at :

    About the Blogger Recognition Award

    The Blogger Recognition Award is an award given in recognition of all the hard work that goes into creating a blog. It is a way for bloggers to support, motivate and promote other bloggers who have clearly put in huge amounts of time and effort, and produced valuable content.

    Bloggers are very talented people – they work hard, they promote, market, advertise, run a busy site.

    They organise all kinds of activities, they encourage, motivate, interact, engage and are community orientated. It matters not if they are shy and reticent or loud and personable – each actively progressive blogger is the same – they all work hard and passionately with their blogs, they put the hours in to deliver to their audience each day a welcoming location to read, absorb, learn and have fun.

    To escape the hustle bustles of city life, or the begrudgeries of boredom – they entice readers to peruse their pages to look for entertainment.

    That is what the BRA celebrates.

    Award Rules

    β€’ Write a post displaying your award.

    β€’ Thank the blogger(s) who nominated you, and provide a link to their blog.

    β€’ Tell the story of how your blog started.

    β€’ Give two pieces of advice for new bloggers.

    β€’ Nominate other bloggers for the award.

    β€’ Let the nominees know that you have nominated them.

    How my blog started

    When I returned from my trip around the world earlier this year, I wanted to write a book on my experiences. But my son told me : Pa your book hasn’t get done for the past 15 years 😜 Better start blogging and then we can look at the bookπŸ˜‡

    And there is a close friend, Seema, she had been telling me for a long time to share the pics I take with a larger audience, by blogging, Instagram etc.

    Am thankful to both of them for starting me on this journey. Am not only writing but have made such awesome friends and have found wonderful reading material and learning more about life πŸ‘πŸ‘


    β€’DON’T QUIT: I know when we start the blog it is very difficult to find any likes or comments or follows. But persist and be consistent and regular.

    β€’Engage with other Bloggers: Read their posts. Comment. Like. Follow. Reply to comments on your blog. Be genuine and honest. Start follow some good bloggers read their posts and comment . Keep blogging!!

    And my nominees are:

    Saba :

    Priya :


    Dawn :

    Beth :

    Lee :

    KJ :

    Dianna :

    Mercy :

    Do check them all out. They are all good but different πŸ˜‡

    Thank you Jyoti, once again. Hope the monsoon has reached UK πŸ˜ŠπŸ€—

    Blog at

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